Are Women Really Secured

Though the most beautiful and unique creation of the creator is “woman” yet always the question haunted our mind from then to now Are Women Really Secured? Are they feel free to roam anywhere without any hesitation? Let’s focus some lights on this critical issue.

Women lend her womb to the man to bring his descendants to this earth so we know them as “Wo- Man”. Since time immemorial, woman plays different characters in the lives of people. All the roles of a woman are equally important and they played very satisfactorily. She is such a being who takes care of minute things in her life. She is a person whose heart feels happy in the achievement of others and her heart cries for the suffering of others. There is a famous quote: “God cannot be everywhere so we have mothers in the earth”. Really, there is no substitute of a mother- a woman.

Woman has given a lot out of her life but has she received what she deserves? The most fundamental thing which a woman requires is Her Safety, Her Security. Have we ever thought of this as the basic requirement of a woman? We have learnt that the basic requirement of  human beings are food, shelter, air, water but have we ever gave a second thought for Safety? A safe woman eats well and lives happily. So, what makes a woman’s life smooth is her safety. A woman is a diligent being but have we ever been diligent in providing safety to her? we never think that a cheerful woman cherishes her family which in turn results in a cheerful society. So, the pyramid of a cheerful society is an inverted one with a cheerful woman at its base.

A safe society for a woman seems to be a fairy tale in this world. Here and there, in each and every second we come across the issues related to women. Let’s deepen our thoughts, let’s question ourselves. Are women safe? Are Women Secured I am sure; nobody can give a positive answer for this. In every second a girl dies before coming to this earth. A male dominated society feels no shame in committing infanticide. A family rejoices when a baby boy is born but regrets when a girl is born.

This is because of the fear of dowry in later days. But, who created the system of dowry? It is no other than “we”. People fought for dowry and abolished it but have we uprooted it really? We must seriously think of it. Are we purchasing bridegroom or simply hiring caretakers for our daughters by handing over huge lump of money to the bridegroom. The dowry system has rooted so deeply in Indian society that we take it as ritual and if parents fail to pay the said amount, the bride’s life is in danger.

Do you think a woman is safe? If parents are handing over daughters to kill, why don’t they kill her themselves? Can’t we fight hard against the dowry system? If each and every one of us stand against this system than surely dowry which was abolished long time back will be uprooted forever.

Every now and then, we hear of sexual abuse, rape, murder. Do you think a girl enjoys her life wholeheartedly? Absolutely not. A girl, though tries to repel the thought of being insecure, cannot do so from within. Deep in her heart, a worm of insecurity has laid its eggs which do not let a woman live her life as she wants.

People comment, She roams late night, she was in the pub, and was not well dressed etc. so someone raped her but what about a child? Does a child know what she wearing, with whom she is, and does she know the person whom she can be trust or not? She knows nothing, but she is abused sexually, she is raped, tortured and killed. What is the reason? It is not the woman who has to be blamed for being raped. We should and must blame the thinking, the mentality of the people. If each and every one of us treats every girl with respect then the issue of sexual harassment will never arise.

Time To Think

Just a change of mentality will change the society, help a woman breathe in happily and will help a woman live her life satisfactorily with peace and love. It is just a matter of change of our mentality, so why don’t we change it? Let’s join our hands towards the upliftment of a girl child, security of a girl. So now time to freed our mind from the issues of dominating a woman and abusing them instead let’s help a woman live in dignity. Let’s try achieving a wonderful, peaceful and happier society by giving all that a woman needs.

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