Why Some People Feel Ticklish- The Reason Of Ticklish

Every one of us enjoys the giggle and laughter when someone tickles others but at the same time we avoid being tickled ourselves.But do you know Why Some People Feel Ticklish- The Reason Of Ticklish. As soon as we sense someone moving their hands forward to tickle us, we try to resist it.

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Why do we feel ticklish?

One of the reasons behind it, our skin is the sense organ for touch, so when someone touches the skin or try to tickle, the sensory nerves tends to send the signal of being touched and the brain gives the reaction. Not all the part of our body is sensible towards tickling. The underarms, knee, ear lobe etc are the zone for getting tickled.

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How can we avoid the feeling of being tickled?

Our brain plays the vital part in it. If we have the ability to control our senses, we do not feel ticklish. An annoyed person does not feel ticklish because his mind is diverted by getting annoyed. So, in the same way, if we happen to divert our mind from the feeling of getting ticklish, we can avoid getting tickled.

So now you tickle others and himself avoid it by controlling your sense intelligently.

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