Why Is Aamir Khan Called Mr. Perfectionist

Though Aamir Khan wants to call himself Mr. Passionate instead of Mr. Perfectionist, but we all know him as Mr. Perfectionist in the film industry. The actor, director, producer and the television host Aamir Khan started his full time film carrier with the leading role in the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak in 1988. He is one of the most successful and inspirational actor in the Indian Cinema. But Why Is Aamir Khan Called Mr. Perfectionist, what is the exact reason of calling him so.

Aamir Khan has received several prestigious awards, including nine Filmfare and four National awards. His movie also nominated for Oscar. He always wants to give his best in his acting and we can see that in all his movies. Here I am going to write about some reason which may prove Why Is Aamir Khan Called Mr. Perfectionist.

Why Is Aamir Khan Called Mr. Perfectionist :

Choose of content :

Aamir Khan is very conscious in choosing his movies. He chooses movie very carefully. If he likes the content and the plot of the story then he agrees to do the role. His movies have always a solid and concrete content. And he never compromises with this.

Works in one film at a time :

He works in one film at a time. No matter how much days it will take to complete the film but he concentrates in one film at a time. Money does not always matter for him. He always wants to act perfectly and that is the must quality for what Aamir Khan is called Mr. Perfectionist.

He sinks into the character completely :

Whatever the character may be he always dedicates himself perfectly and completely into the character. He acted as Bhuban or acted as Ranchor Das or acted as Tau, no matter what the role is, it has always proved that Why Is Aamir Khan Called Mr. Perfectionist.

Always try something different :

Aamir Khan always tries something different from the traditional movie. He always takes risk for doing something new and different. Because it may be unsuccessful in box office but yet he tries always different. He becomes successful too and people always like and love to see him in his new incarnation.

Try to give a social message :

Aamir Khan’s movie has always a social message. He always tries to present some ignored but serious issues of our society or our nation or our world. Sometimes he tries to present the weakness of our education system through Tare Zameen par or 3 Idiots or sometimes he tries to give the message of equality between men and women through Dangaal or Secret Superstar.

Now you can understand Why Is Aamir Khan Called Mr. Perfectionist. He is such an intellectual and big actor of Indian Cinema. He is working in this film industry since 30 years. And he has same influence and popularity from the beginning to date. Hope Mr. Perfectionist will entertain us for many more years in future.

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