Why Do WE Close Our Eyes When WE Sneeze

Everyone may have noticed that we close our eyes promptly when we sneeze. But do you ever think why its happen? Why Do WE Close Our Eyes When WE Sneeze ? This is very interesting topic and I am going to explain this to the best of my knowledge.

Reason Of Sneezing :

We sneeze for various reasons. We sneeze if we are suffering from influenza, we sneeze if we are allergic to dust or some kind of scent, we sneeze if dust particles floating around the air enters our nose. Whatever may be the reason; there is one similarity when we sneeze. Every one of us may have noticed that all of us close our eyes when we sneeze. Many of us may have surfed the Google or may have tried to come into the conclusion for this reason.

Possible Reason For Closing Our Eyes When We Sneeze :

1.In order to resist the popping up of our eyes outward, we happen to shut our eyelids.

2.Some say in order to resist the entrance of mucous coming out while sneezing into our eyes we shut our eyes.

3.It is an involuntary and reflex action. Just like, we close our eyes when bright light falls on it, we close our eyes when we sneeze.

There are various theories given for this till date but none of the theories have been proved fully true. All these are just the assumptions given by the people. So now you have some idea about Why Do WE Close Our Eyes When WE Sneeze, though it is not scientifically proved yet.

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