What Makes You Unique, Special And Different From Others

Every person is born unique in their own way. People are different and it is important for everyone to embrace the differences in each other in order to coexist peacefully. But sometimes we should think about What Makes A Person Unique. It is important to know What Makes Me Unique or What Makes You Unique.

What Makes You Unique : 

There are things that make a person stand out amidst a thousand people. The following are What Makes You Different From Others and What Makes You Special.

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People always have different experiences in life. Despite how close they may be, the experiences people go through can never be similar. Whether people spend most of their time together or work together, each person goes through a certain situation differently. A person’s daily experiences are what make them unique. Experiences are unique to each person and are thus a good way of defining how special and different a person is from another.


Perception refers to the way you view life. People have different perceptions with others. You can not always view things in the same way as your friends, or your family or even your partner regardless of how close you are. Perception accounts for how we experience things as well as how we feel towards these things. As such, a person’s perception is what makes you unique and special compared to another person. Your perception on life and certain things can never match that of another person. This is what defines you, and what makes you who you are.

A person’s beliefs:

The things you go through in life (your experiences) together with how you view them is what shapes your beliefs. The beliefs you have in regards to the world, to life, to other people as well as about yourself are unique. Everyone has different beliefs on what is considered right or wrong. It is possible to have a similar belief with someone, but in future that will not be the case. Your beliefs make you unique and different from other people.

Your creativity ability:

People have different creativity abilities and levels. People are unique in their own ways. Your creativity is what makes you unique and stand out in a group of people. Some people are good at creating things from nothing while others are good at improvising. Some people are excellent inventors while others are simply gifted in envisioning things. All these abilities make people unique and different in their own ways. Lynne Levesque states that there are eight different aspects of creativity that distinguish a person from another. Such include; the adventurer, the inventor, the pilot, the explorer, the poet, the navigator, the visionary and the diplomat. People always branch out from these groups in different ways, this is what makes a person unique from another person.

Your genetics:

Everybody has different genetics. There is no body who has 100 percent similar genes to another person even if they are related by blood. Everybody is between 90 and 99 percent different from other people according to research. The way our genes are used or expressed can be affected by a change in a single thing. Everyone’s genes makes them different in their own way. Your genes are unique and special to you alone.


This is quite obvious. Everyone has a different body size and shape than another. Despite us thinking that we are somehow supposed to look alike, we can never be 100% alike. Everyone has their own body structure that differs from another person. Whether thin, fat, tall or short, you can never be alike with another person.


Your relationships define your uniqueness. They are a great influence in a person’s life. Our relationships affect how we think about ourselves and our interactions with our immediate environment. Everyone has special connections and beliefs with other people that makes their relationship unique. Even if you share a mutual friend with a person, your relationships to that mutual friend will never be the same.


Hobbies make people unique. Everyone has different hobbies and interests. Your approach to a hobby even if you share it with another person is definitely different. You can find two people who blog about the same thing, say about decor, their approach to it will be entirely different. This explains why there are different people venturing in the same field, their approach to that field is different.

Humour and communication habits:

Humour makes people unique. There are some things you find funny that your friends do not. Everyone has a different sense of humour and a different way of communicating that makes them unique. The way a person communicates is also a way of defining a person’s uniqueness. People have different communication patterns. Some people are good at reading body languages while others are good at words. Some people totally don’t understand the connection between words and body languages while some are excellent in establishing the connections.

There are more factors that define and explain the uniqueness of different people. Such things as a person’s intelligence, taste, a person’s way of viewing the world, your goals and personality what makes you unique to other people. Your intuition and your willingness to be yourself and stand out makes you unique.

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