What Is True Love And What Are The Signs Of True Love

Love for parents is respect, love for lover is affection, love for child is parental affection, love for God is faith and without love, life is a corpse”. If you find your True Love then keep it like a treasure because there are very few persons who really get their True Love. And in this article I am going to jot down about what is true love, what are the signs of true love and the real meaning of true love.

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What Is Love :

Love is involuntary. Love is a wonderful feeling which gives happiness to our life. It brings the utmost happiness to know that we are loved for who we are. This feeling of love takes us to the world of goodness and happiness. Love is essential for the wholesome development of a person. Without love, life ceases to be a corpse. Without love, life becomes meaningless. Love plays a vital role in everybody’s life.

A famous song of 90s “Love will keep us alive” tells the value of love in one’s life. People will be satisfied if external belongings are not enough in his life but if a person is without love, life loses its meaning.

We are born out of love. So, as soon as a baby is born he understands the language of love. He reciprocates for being loved. Love is essential for all age groups. The tender age of kids knows the love language of family. When a kid accelerates towards teenage, he learns to love others and in turn love to be loved by others. At adulthood a person understands the meaning of a True Love can understand The Signs Of True Love. And when a person moves upward to the old age he still long for love. The cycle of love is a never ending one. Whatsoever is the age, the want or longing for love will never ever lose its existence.

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A True Relationship :

Love is of different kinds; lust, infatuation, True Love, affection etc. Here I am going to discuss about the aspect of True Love, A True Relationship, A True Love Between Man And Woman. Here you will explore the Love Signs or Symptoms Of True Love . Hence, when the discussion will be about Signs Of True Love, first and foremost thing is to know about “True Love”. What exactly is it?

What Is True Love :

According to the dictionary true love means “a person whom one loves” so, we can assume those person whom we love to be our true love. During certain ages especially in the teenage people claim true love to everyone whom they are in relation with but this is not the meaning of True Love. True Love is unconditional and unselfish. When a person loves someone truly he/she does not think of receiving the same love and care in reciprocal. The love which he/she bestows to the person whom he/she loves is without terms and conditions.

It is not necessary that true lovers to have a happy ending. Many of times true lovers are not meant to be together but just to love each other unconditionally. Some of the True Love does not have a happy ending but its a kind of feeling which gives inner pleasure and satisfaction for loving someone selflessly and unconditionally. When true lovers are destined to be together under each other’s arm, those are the luckiest being on earth. The life after binding in relation with the person whom you love truly is really the greatest gift of God.

Love happens many times. We hear of love at first sight. It happens sometimes but not always. We love people who come to our life but it takes time to know the True Love. If we take time to understand whether the person with whom we are in relationship is our true love or not, the relationship lasts forever. If we hurry up to tie knot with the person without knowing the compatibility scale, then we end up in breaking the relationship. So, never take quick decision in examining your true love.

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Do you think your first love is your True Love?

First love is a kind of different feeling. It takes us in different kind of world. Fall in your First Love is a butterfly kind of feeling. It also seems that this person is one and all for you. But it is wise to pause and examine the person, is it matched with the signs of true love ? Some people are just infatuated and are sexually attracted. Be aware of people who try to abuse you for the want of sexual pleasure. Hence, First love is not always your true love. Take time and decide being together forever.

 What Are The Signs Of True Love :

It is necessary to know the signs of true love. Here, I am giving few signs to know whether the person you love truly also loves you the same.

1. Unconditional and selfless love: The person who loves you truly will never seek for conditions and terms. He/she will love you selflessly and unconditionally and will never look for reciprocation. He/she will never think of loving you only if you love him/her. If the person loves you truly will never wait for you to love him/her first. Instead, he/she will love you no matter what the situation or condition is.

2. Sacrifice: A person can sacrifice one’s feelings and wants only for those whom he/she love the most. If a person loves you truly, he/she will sacrifice many things to see just a smile on your face.

3. No hidden secrets: A person who loves you truly will ever keep anything in secret. There will be no trace of hidden secrets kept. A true lover will share each and every tit-bit of life. A true lover will look for chances to share everything with you. The partner of a True Love is a lucky one because he/she will be able to know each and everything of his /her partner.

4. Friendship: A true lover is also your true friend. There is a famous saying “Friendship is the foundation of love”, it is true in fact and at the same time love strengthens if there is good foundation of friendship. A true lover and a good friendship, both are directly proportional. When love increases, friendship too will increase and deepen.

5. Promise keeper: The person who loves you truly will try their best to keep the promises made. They will ensure to fulfill the promises made with the partners. They will make it possible to keep the promises whether it is a trivial one or is of utmost importance.

6. No space for pride and jealousy: Pride and jealousy are the characters of a person but a true lover will have no pride and jealousy in their dictionary. And this is the most vital factor when discuss about the signs of true love. How much ever the person achieves success, he/she will not let himself/herself to overload with pride at the same time whenever the opposite partner achieves success, the other partner will not feel jealous at all. Both will rejoice for each other’s achievement.

7. Uncounted happiness: If a person loves you truly he/she will have no bounds of happiness when he/she meets his/her partner. You will be able to see the happiness in their eyes when he/she love you truly.

8. Respects your decision: A true lover will not force you to bind yourself in their decision but will respect your decision. Whenever there is anything to be decided, he/she will seek for your decision too.

9. Pain and anger: Anger is one of the weaknesses of a person. Sometimes anger builds its home and the relationship breaks but if a person loves you truly anger will last for just a millisecond. A true lover can never remain annoyed for long. He/she will never cause pain to his /her partner because of anger.

10. Special treatment: A true lover will always give you special treatment. He/she will always have special place for you in his/her heart as well as life. They will make you feel special in each and every moment. You will feel special in every way. The special treatment given by a true lover will make you feel at zenith.

11. No comparison: A true lover will never compare you with anyone. For him/her you are a unique being. He/she will priorities your uniqueness. So, if someone compares you with his/her past or with someone you should keep yourself at space.

12. Willing to change: A true lover will change himself/herself for the happiness of his /her love. He/she will try to find out what makes his/her partner sad, which character of his /her makes the partner upset. This will make him/her change for the betterment as a special being and will help in strengthening the relationship.

13. Problem solver: A true love is always your problem solver. This is one of the important characters a true lover carries. A true lover will, by any means solve your problem to make you happy. He/she will stand by your side to set you free from all kinds of problems.

14. Makes an effort: No one is born perfect. A true lover will make an effort to rectify all mistakes. They will make an effort to keep you happy. They will make an effort to give your relationship a happy ending. So, a true lover makes a right effort in everything.

15. Admits fault: It is very hard to admit one’s fault. No one wishes to admit his/her fault to his/her partner to make their relationship stronger. So, this is one trait which will definitely show you the right person for you.

16. Cannot hurt you: A true lover will never ever think of hurting you in their wildest dream. They will leap those paths or things which will hurt you.

17. Thinks from your perspective: A true lover will take things from your perspective. They will see things form your shoes. Whenever a problem arises between partners, a true lover will take things from his/her perspective too and will end up the misunderstanding before it creates scars.

18. Togetherness: A true lover will always think of his/her life being together with his/her love. Whenever situation arises, he/she will always think of her present and future with the loved person. Whenever he/she has to speak about in the midst of friends, he/she will always speak up words like “we” instead of introducing him/her separately.

19. Suffer: A true lover will always have a willing heart to suffer for his/her partner. A true lover will not only seek happiness from his/her partner but will also be together in times of need.

20. Introduce with family and friends: A true lover will always introduce his/her partner with his/her family and friends. He/she will find real happiness in introducing his/her partner as his/her better half to other people.

21. Protector: A true love is a super hero for his/her partner. A true lover will always protect his/her partner from all kinds of awkward situation.

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How To Find My True Love :

We have already known about the signs of true love. Now, how to find out true love? People are perplexed to know about their True love. They fall in trap of love undisguised. If you are in relation with someone and if you are confused whether he/she is your true love or not just pause and check if the above given Signs of True Love are imbibed in your partner. If those are there with your partner, be confirmed that he/she is your true love.

How To Make Relationship More Strong :

Now, that you have found your true love, it is your responsibility to retain the relationship forever. How can we be sure that the True Love will last forever? Here are few suggestions which shows that your relationship will last forever.

1. Fix a problem that arises in a relationship: Every relationship will have problem but the relationship will last forever if only the problem is fixed. So, fix a problem that arises in a relationship as soon as possible.

2. Importance of open communication: If there is an open communication in your relationship, then there is surety that your relationship will last forever. Open communication is important in a relationship. If communication is good, a relationship will bound to have a happy ending.

3. Same relationship goal: A true relationship will have same goal. Both the partners will have the same goal of making their relation a successful one. So, both the partners will make it an effort to have same relationship goal.

4. Speaking positively for each other: In a true relationship, both the partners will speak positively about each other. They will remain positive in all situations. There will be no negativity between the partners in a relationship.

5. Seek each other’s help: When problem arises, the first person with whom he/she seeks for help is his/her partner. In a true relationship, the partners will seek for each other’s help in times of need.

6. Trust: This is the most important thing in a True Relationship. Trust is the most vital thing which binds two people together. So, if you think you have found your True Love, start trusting them wholeheartedly. Trust will lead the relationship to upper level. If a micro gram of distrust houses the relation, it is going to ruin the relationship as a whole. So, trust your partner.


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Last Thing To Know :

So these are some facts about love and the signs of true love.

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved, loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves- Victor Hugo”

This quote is true in fact. The greatest happiness of life is when we know that we are loved for who we are.

If you have not yet found your right partner, don’t worry, your right partner is praying for you. So, God will do miracles in order to bring you together.

If you have found your right partner, be faithful in the relation and work out to give it a happy end.

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