What Is Dream, What Type Of Dream We See And Reason Of Dream

“Dream” is what we see during the unconscious mind. But do you ever thought the Reason Of Dream and actually what does it mean. We dream during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage. The psychology behind “dream” is not yet deciphered. Some of the dreams are recalled and some dreams are hard to be recalled. Dreams are actually reflection of our emotions.

Dream :

Dreams can be distinguished in the following types:

1.Day Dreaming:

Day dreaming is the short term detachment of a person from his/her immediate surrounding. We usually day dream when we get bored. We day dream when we do things without our interest. Day dreaming detaches an individual for a short period of time, mentally. When we day dream, we become unconscious about the happenings taking place around our physical surroundings.

2.Prophetic Dream:

Some of the dreams are prophetic in nature. This type of dreams usually acts as a warning bell. The happenings of future are seen through this kind of dreams. There are many instances in the old epics which tell us about this type of dream.

3.Cosmic Dream:

This type of dream is seen by the ladies during the periods, when transformation takes place. It is believed that during periods, cosmic beings are seen in the dreams.

4.Recurring Dream:

Recurring means which is continuous. Some of the dreams are recurring. This kind of dream repeats after few days. It seems as though this kind of dream occur in sequence.

5.Halloween Dream:

This type of dream is very scary. When we see ghosts or unnatural beings in the dream which scare us it is known as Halloween dream.

6.Lucid Dream:

This type of dream makes us wake up while in dream. Sometimes we feel like falling from the heights or being stammered on the stones, we tend to wake up all of sudden.

So these type of Dream we usually see and these are the possible Reason Of Dream. Whatever may be the type of dreams, whether it makes us feel happy or sad, or scary but we like to dream.

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