What Are Ghosts And Spirits?

Do you really know What Are Ghosts or What Is A Spirit ? Do Ghosts Really Exit  ? In this article I am going jot down about some aspects of this scary topic. What we commonly know about the ghosts are the spirits of the dead. It is not always that they associates with the good kind of spirits. Mostly ghosts are those spirits that maybe as a result of the nature of their deaths (premature or traumatic deaths) or the sort of lives they led. Ghosts are spirits and souls of dead creatures. They appear in the world of the living to cause fear and torment.

What Are Ghosts

Other names that we often use to refer to what are ghosts include shades, apparitions, specters, spirits or even wraiths. The description about what are ghosts is varied in that sometimes they can be invisible while other times they appear in the form of a little visible but undefined shape. Ghosts can come to the living world independently while at times they require. And it summons by the living through what is termed as necromancy.

Ghosts are believed to be made of a misty, airy and subtle material which can be explained religiously: when God created man, He breathed life in him. As a result, the natural form of a person is thought to be associated with air, thus ghosts are sometimes misty and white forms to symbolize the person within the person, the spirit. These forms are believed to haunt specific people and locations which have a connection to their deaths or to their lives on earth. The notion of the existence of ghosts is however more religious than scientific as up to date. There have been no scientific evidences to support the existence of ghosts in the world.


Seeing a spirit is commonly associated with bad things. People believes it as a bad omen and as a sign of death in many societies. In traditional society however, people believed that ghosts are spirits of the dead who are seeking revenge for something that happened while they were alive. Or the spirits who have been stuck on earth as a result of some things they did while they were alive which they have to correct before finding peace in the afterlife.

There are both good and bad ghosts according to the traditional society. For instance, there are the white ladies’ ghosts and the red ladies’ ghosts. The white ladies are ghosts who appear in rural areas whose deaths were very traumatic. They may have suffered a lot during their lives whereby they may have suffered loss of a loved one, be it a child or a husband. The red ghost on the other hand associates to prostitution or a very jealous and psychotic lover.

As we come to know about What Are Ghosts, People also believe that there are different types of ghosts that exist. There is the ectoplasm which is in form of a moving mist. The funnel ghosts which associates with cold spots in old buildings and shapes as funnels. It swirl to indicate a visit of a loved one. There also have the interactive personality ghost. And they can retain its living personality even after death. This ghost visits when needed by their living loved ones or when they need to pass across an important message. They can interact with the living through speech and also touching. People thinks that they manifest themselves through odours too to make their presence known.

What Are Ghosts

Another type is the poltergeist. It has the ability to alter the state of things by moving them and even knocking them off. This is the noisy type of ghost. It attributes to slamming doors, causing supernatural fires and even messing with lights. This is the most dangerous type of ghost and the one that is most terrifying. The orbs ghosts on the other hand associates with a light ball that is translucent. And it regards as the spirit of a recently deceased person that is moving from place to place.

Ghosts sometimes regards as a way for the ancestors to stay in touch with the living. And especially when these spirits calls upon by the living for guidance or for closure regarding certain matters. One can summon them through such methods as using the Ouija board, through meditation, using a planchette, using mirrors (which regards as portals to the other world), through table tapping, using pendulums and also by holding seances. It is important to exercise caution when trying to summon a ghost in order to avoid summoning blood thirsty, angry and unpredictable ghosts and demons as no method of summoning ghosts has been certified as safe.

Despite the many cases of ghost encounters in the world, there is no scientific proof that ghosts actually exist. The Large Hadron Collider found no proof of ghosts or any other supernatural beings’ existence in the world. And thus pushing aside this belief. It is thus not clear as to whether ghosts are spirits, reflections of our pasts, electromagnetic energies or simply figments of our own imaginations.

So these are some facts about What Are Ghosts and their existence. Some people believes, some does not. But there is always a myth about ghosts from past to present and I think it would be in future. So its up to you whether you believe it or not.

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