Unique Bucket List Ideas

A bucket list refers to those things you want to do at a certain point in your life. They are the achievements and experiences that one hopes to achieve during their lifetime.There are many ideas of what one can have in their bucket list. There are however some Unique Bucket List Ideas that you can explore.


Unique Bucket List Ideas :

Whatever you are thinking or finding about top bucket list ideas or cool bucket list ideas, here are the best bucket list ideas and list of things to do. So lets start about the unique bucket list ideas.

Zip lining:

If you are a thrill seeker then this is definitely an epic idea for your bucket list. Zip lining is a fun experience if you are not fainthearted. There are different places where zip lining has been started and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this fun experience. Fear aside, master your courage and have the best two hours of your life.

Bungee jumping:

Another activity definitely worth making it to your bucket list. It involves jumping from a tall structure with a large elastic cord connected to your back. If you have a height phobia you should probably keep this idea off your list. Otherwise, have fun while you are at it!

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Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Road trip across America:

People take road trips all the time. However, it is not always that anyone decides to tour the entire country let alone America. Having a road trip across America is definitely an idea worth exploring. There is so much to see and learn while on the road rip and too much fun also. An epic road trip would take around 2 to 3 months to satisfactorily complete. You can visit such places as the Blue Ridge Parkway, San Francisco, the Las Vegas Loop, New York, Boston monument Valle’s butte, New Orleans among others. An American road trip is definitely worth exploring.

Self-defense class:

Taking a self defense class might seem not important but it actually is. Imagine walking in the streets late and not having to look over your shoulders in fear of getting attacked. Taking a self defense class is definitely one of the things you should have on your bucket list. As not many people feel the need to be able to defend themselves, it is a unique idea. It has not been explored by many but it is definitely a great idea.

Air boat across an alligator infested swamp:

Air boating is fun and all, but you can definitely add a little more fun. Many people go for air boat rides but very few have actually considered adding a thrill to the already fun experience. Consider air boating across a swamp that is filled with alligators. This will be an experience definitely worth your time, and a space in your bucket list.

Attend a same sex wedding:

Same sex weddings are not a regular happening even in the modern world. As such, making it your goal to attend one is definitely fulfill unique bucket list ideas. Make a point of establishing a same sex couple who are likely to tie the knot and make it your mission to attend their wedding.

Rescue and adopt a dog:

This is also one among the unique bucket list ideas. As not many people would really think of rescuing dogs let alone adopting one, this is a unique idea. Adopting a stray dog is self-fulfilling and should probably be considered as a bucket list idea if you haven’t already.

Sing a karaoke duet in public:

It is one thing to sing in the bathroom while showering and another one to sing in public. It is even harder to sing a duet in public especially if it is a karaoke. This is a unique idea for your bucket list and should definitely be considered. Attend a karaoke event, or a karaoke night and get your friend or your partner to sing a duet with you. It will be worth the moment.

Cook a traditional meal from a different culture:

most people are not good in making traditional dishes. Imagine making a traditional dish from a different culture from your own. Thrilling, right? If you are looking to have a both fun and epic experience in the kitchen you should add this to your bucket list. Try making a traditional meal from a different culture. You could google to get the recipe, read cooking books or get a friend from that culture to help you.

Fly in a private jet:

Flying is all fun, but can be exhausting sometimes. Flying on a private jet however should be as fun and as sophisticated as it sounds. Consider taking a flight on a private jet and add that unique idea to your bucket list.

Attend a murder mystery dinner:

If you love mystery then this is a must have in your bucket list.  A murder mystery dinner refers to a form of dinner theater where the audience interact with each other and with the cast of the performance to solve a murder scene. This so-called murder scene is fictitious. The participants are required to find clues that can help identify the motive and the murderer. This is an idea definitely worth making it to the list.

I think these are one of the best Unique Bucket List Ideas for anyone. Now its up to you what ideas are best suited for you.

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