These Five Foods Must Be Taken During Pregnancy

Foods provide nutrition to the body. It gives energy to do work. For pregnant lady it is not just food but nutrition for the fetus too. So one need to be super conscious on the choice of food during pregnancy period. And These Five Foods Must Be Taken During Pregnancy.

Foods During Pregnancy :

Here are list of five foods which are good and good to be taken during pregnancy.

Milk and milk products:

Milk is a good source of calcium. It is good for bone development in fetus. A glass of milk everyday is good for the expecting mother and the fetus.


The fluid content in the body should be high during the pregnancy. Fluids hydrates the body, prevents constipation (which is not good during pregnancy). Carbonated drinks should be avoided.


Bean is a good source of nutrients. It contains iron, folate, calcium and zinc. Food rich in iron and folate are good for both mother and the baby.


Eggs are inexpensive and easily available. It is a good source of protein. A boiled egg a day is good for both mother and fetus.

Green and leafy vegetables:

All the green and leafy vegetables are good source of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and folate. So, add these in your diet. 

Woman is superior to man in this particular capability of being a mother. God has bestowed this capability to a woman, so when you step in the stage of being a mother- Take care of yourself to keep your baby healthy. And These Five Foods Must Be Taken During Pregnancy. Eat healthy foods and avoid food which are harmful.

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