The Famous Bollywood Stars Have Some Bad Habits And You Will Be Surprised To Know

If habits is not changed in time then it becomes our necessity. We have both good and bad habits in us. Though we try to hide our bad habits from others but sometimes it comes out unknowingly. Here I am going to tell about some Bad Habits Of The Famous Bollywood Celebrity you may not know. So lets start,

Bad Habits Of The Famous Bollywood Celebrity :

Susmita Sen :

The Miss Universe, the beautiful lady has acted in many Bollywood films and has earned a good fame in the industry. Though you have seen her in many appearance but you may do not know about one of her bad habit. And this is really interesting. It is unnecessary to say that being a celebrity she must has royal bathroom. But she does not like to bath in a room. She likes to bath with water as well as with sunshine and also wants to enjoy this moments, thus she baths under the open sky. Whenever she is in her home she used to bath in her roof under the open sky.

Rani Mukharjee :

The beautiful actress gives many hit movie to the bollywood industry. Maybe many of her fans will be happy to know about her bad habit who like to smoke. Rani Mukherjee is one of the Bollywood actresses who smoke and maybe in the top of Female celebrity smoking list. Normally we awake up in the morning and start our day with a cup of tea or coffee but she starts her day to give a kiss to cigarette. When she opens her eyes in the morning, lit up a cigarette on her bed and after smoking maybe gives the good morning kiss to her husband. She has this bad habit from very past and can not leave this in any way even after being a mother.

John Abraham :

The bollywood hunk is well known for his deep acting skill. But he has really a bad habit. He often sitting like resting one foot over the thigh of the other leg. In one of his picture he has seen sitting like this even in front of the prime minister Narendra Modi. But it happens unknowing as it becomes his bad habit.

Kareena Kapoor Khan :

The bollywood bebo, the very beautiful and gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the most successful actress of bollywood industry. But she has a bad habit and many of us also has this bad habit. She has a habit of cutting nails with her teeth. No matter where she is or with whom she is talking with, she often unknowingly bites her nails even when at interview.

Shah Rukh Khan :

It is unnecessary to give an introduction about him because everyone knows who is he and how successful is he.The King of Bollywood is in top in rank when talking about bollywood actors who smoke. He had also one bad habits to speak very fast but gradually he has rectified it nicely. But the practice of Shah Rukh Khan smoking is well known to all. He smokes very much and even publicly. He has faced many criticism for this but he can not change this habit in any way. He smokes about 100 cigarettes in a day.

So these are some Bad Habits Of The Famous Bollywood Celebrity. Let us know in the comment section below what is your bad habits.

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