When A GF Said To His BF, SRK Ka Reply Milega Tohi Proposal Accept Karungi-Read What Happens Next

Over 33 Million fans follow Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter and most of the fans always dream about if one day SRK himself reply back to him/her. And if any of his fan get back reply from SRK, that day perhaps becomes the most precious day for that fan. His fans love him madly and Retweet almost everyday for just one hope that wish SRK reply back to them once.But it is not possible to him to reply back everyone individually. Yet SRK gives some time for his fan through #AskSrk and often reply back to his fan but only God knows who is the lucky one to get his reply.

On 3rd February, 2018 one of his fan reply to SRK on Twitter that his GF told him like this,


Now God knows if the boy said the truth or he just playing a trick to get back SRK’s reply. But what the truth may be, being a real ‘Dilwale’, Shah Rukh Khan has gave a beautiful and epic reply to that fan.

Now you can understand that why SRK is the King of Bollywood, because he is not just drop a reply to his fan but he tries to let him understand what is the meaning of love and love has no conditions.

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However, lastly the fan has got a reply from SRK and it would be enough for him. But after that some other fans also drop some funny reply to that fan and you will enjoy to read it.

So Bhabi Mile Na Mile at least the fan has got a reply from the King Of Romance, The Bollywood Of Badshah Shah Rukh Khan and he would be very happy for that. So if you are a fan of SRK and lucky enough then you will also get reply from SRK but when only God knows.

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