Shah Rukh Khan Replies To His Little Fan Who Went To Meet Him At Mannat But Failed

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest stars of the world. He is the most popular and famous personality from bollywood who is known worldwide. And his fan following is all over the world. From kids to older, from men to women, he has won every heart. He is not only a great actor but a nice human being too.

Recently two little kids with their parents visited Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat for the hope to meet SRK. But unfortunately they can’t. And they have to return back without seeing their king. But they don’t loose hope and the two little kids make a video and give their message to king khan. It is nice to see how they are exited to see their king khan. You can see the video below how beautifully they express their love to their favourite actor Shah Rukh Khan.

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One of their relatives tweets this video to Shah Rukh Khan and request him to see the emotions and reactions of two little kids towards him.

Shah Rukh Khan Tweets

They might have not expected that Shah Rukh Khan will give reply to their tweet. But after all it is about the emotion of a little fan and how SRK would ignore it. And the bollywood badsha reply this,

Shah Rukh Khan Tweets

Thousand of times Shah Rukh Khan has proved that he is really a king, a king of a good heart. It is not possible to reply back every tweet but yet SRK spends some time with his fans when it needs. And for the love of his fans and for his hard work Shah Rukh Khan is now one of the most successful men in the world. And hope he earns more success in his future life.

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