Selfie Poses Ideas For Girls And Boys

It is important when taking any photo to be careful so that you take a good photo. This is not different for selfies either. And if you have different types of Selfie Poses Ideas then it will be much fun when taking selfies. It is important to have the right ideas for selfie poses in mind when taking selfies. When taking a selfie, you need to be as unique and creative as possible to come up with the ultimate selfie pose.

Selfie Poses For Girls Or Selfie Style For Girl:

There are different selfie poses ideas for girls. Selfie poses ideas for girls are such as:

Capture your pout in style:

Pout has for long been a selfie pose for girls. Sometimes taking straight selfies can be boring so you can add a little uniqueness to your selfie by pouting. In order to capture a perfect pout, just set your tresses and make sure you have some mascara and the perfect lip gloss on. Then you have to tilt your phone a bit before clicking to capture.

Be nerdy:

This does not exactly mean that you pose with books, or while studying or while at the library. You can show off the nerd in you without exactly doing that. The pose is really all about having those nerdy glasses on. If you are a girl, after you have the glasses on, let your tresses fall on both sides of the glasses and have one side covering the part of your specs. In order to take a good selfie, place the camera in front and have one hand on your chin, then smile. You can make the pose better by combining a pout with this nerdy look.

The fun pose:

One of the best ways to show that funny side in you is by showing it off in a selfie pose. In order to pull this off, stick your tongue out a little to tease a little and laugh a little. For girls, don’t put a lot of effort on making your hair, let it fall naturally as they are. Get your best make up for an awesome selfie, or just use simple make up.

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The mirror selfie:

This selfie pose is one of the best and famous selfie poses today. The mirror selfie lets you pose from both sides of the mirror. Make sure you capture yourself from the most attractive angle if you are a girl. It is important however to be very careful about your background to avoid embarrassment.

Coffee sip selfie:

This selfie pose is simply made by posing with an attractive mug and a great hairdo. You can add a little fun to it by playing around with expressions. Keep it simple.

Bubble-gum balloon selfie:

This selfie pose works better for girls. To rock this selfie pose, you can focus on either blowing out the bubble-gum balloon and capture the selfie with a wink, or put on your funky reflectors and click.

The thinker pose:

Taking a serious pose can be fun too. Take a selfie with a thinker pose and let the world see the intellect in you. Set the camera at a low angle and you can choose to put your angle on either your forehead or your lips.

I woke up like this selfie:

This pose is strictly for girls. To take this selfie, put on your make up, use the most iconic eye makeup and pose with your hair looking a little messy. Do not forget to get your blanket on to pull this look. Then add the caption, ‘I woke up like this.’ Don’t forget to set that winged liner.

Showcase those accessories selfie:

When capturing a selfie, sometimes you do not capture your accessories. This selfie lets you to show off your danglers and your neck pieces. Focus on your accessories instead of your face, letting your hair fall down as half of the face will be shown. This is also most applicable to girls.

Selfie Poses For Boys Or Selfie Style For Boy:

For guys, there are no as many selfie poses ideas as there are don’ts when taking selfies. Guys do not have the luxury to pull off certain poses like girls do. In fact, it is very advisable for guys to be careful when taking selfies to avoid looking like attention seekers or girly.

Be yourself when taking a selfie and have the correct outfit.When taking a selfie as a guy, do not make it an everyday occurrence. Also, have the right lighting and the perfect optical effect. Do not make weird faces too often, it is okay when girls do it but not guys. If you want to take a charming selfie, sport a gentleman look with suspenders or with cool summer outfits. If you want to take pics of your pet, do not take a million and post them. Instead, take a pic of your pet but do not use it to fill up spaces in your selfies

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Selfie poses ideas can work for both boys and girls. However, not all poses are good for both. Girls are more likely to pull off any pose compared to guys.

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