See What Happened When Shah Rukh Khan Came To Visit Dilip Kumar Saab On 12 February

It is a well known fact about “Dilwale” Shah Rukh Khan that he is a man of great heart and good manner. He always shows his love and respect to his elders and spread his affection among them. Though Shah Rukh Khan maintains a good relation with most of the persons in Bollywood industry but Dilip Kumar Saab is very close to his heart. Dilip Kumar Saab is his role model.

So whenever he gets time, he comes to meet with Dilip Saab and spend some times with him. On 12 February, 2018 Shah Rukh Khan came to visit Dilip Saab and the pictures of this two legendary actors is breaking the internet.

You can also see how Dilip Kumar Saab Celebrates his birthday every year.

Shah Rukh Khan With Dilip Kumar

Faisal Farooqui who handles the official Twitter account of Dilip Kumar Saab just tweeted like this,

“I have received tons of phone calls and messages after posting Shah Rukh Khan and Dilip Saab’s picture. They’re saying it’s breaking the internet. Whatever that means, all that matters is your love and prayers for Dilip Kumar.”

He also shares that Dilip Kumar Saab is doing well and nothing to worry about his health.

Dilip Kumar's Birthday Celebration

So Dilip Sab’s fans will be very happy to hear the news about his good health. It will happen hardly when we can see some legendary actors together in a single frame but sometimes it happens and then fans go crazy about that. Please share your comments below.

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