Salman Khan Says Mujhe Ladki Mil Gayi And The Girl Is Warina Hussain

Salman Khan maybe the Bhaijaan of Bollywood but only for boys fan because no girl will be happy to call him Bhaijaan. He is not only one of the most Wanted bachelor of India but also of world. On 6th Februray, 2018 he just tweeted that he got a girl and later revealed that the name of the girl is Warina Husaain.

Warina Hussain

As Salman Khan is single, so his fans are always think about when will he marry. If there are two most important questions in India today, the first question is when will India be corruption free and the second question is When Salman Khan will marry.

So when Salman Khan tweets like this the fans feel some hope in their mind and start to predict that if Salman Khan really talking about his own girl. But after sometimes when Salman Khan tweets again he pours water in the hope of his fans.

So Salman Khan clears the cloud that the Tiger is still single and the fan girls would be most happy to hear it. He just introduced the leading lady Warina Hussain of his upcoming production film “Loveratri’. The film will be directed by Abhiraj Minawal with leading actor Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain. Aayush Sharma is husband of Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan and Warina Hussain is a model and both will going to debut in this film. Here are some pictures of Warina Hussain.

Warina HussainWarina Hussain

So how she looks. Please share your views in comment section below.


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