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Few people sometimes face with a reality of scary truth in their life. Where many people haven’t met with such a reality. But in those few people I am also the one who have faced, who have felt that thrilled in life. And today I am going to share A Real Scary Story in my writing.

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It was on 16th December 2015, the month of Christmas. The chilled foggy day where everyone was shivering with cold. We (means my family and some of my relatives) were enjoying the birthday bash party of my nephew Aahan who turned 8 yrs old. We  all had a great fun by putting cakes on each other’s faces, dancing in entertainment no.’s , playing musical chair, etc. That was a great fun and best birthday party because it was like a family get together party too.

The party got over around 11`o’ clock and we all depart in different direction on a way to our native homes. From my uncle’s place our home was half an hour far by walking so we preferred to walk from there. Me and my family where my Mom, Dad and younger brother is there. We four of them under the deep night were walking, talking & laughing on the road reached home.

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Opposite of my house there was a small cottage made of wood. I had never seen there anybody living but the light of that cottage was always on. Neither had I ever entered the cottage to see anybody at home or nor I seen anybody to enter into cottage. But I always wondered why that lights always on if nobody stays out there.

Seeing the structure of that cottage old, breakable, dusty and too peace comes from there which makes me feel scared. Whenever I used to pass from that cottage some negative vibes used to get from there. It used to feel like someone staring at me with a big opened eye.  And following me with a creepy sound walk. I started walking quickly to reach home.

Though I was with my family still I was feeling scared. Before entering my house to see who is the person that follow me, gathering all the courage, slowly I turned over and saw nothing there standing. But a wind blew on my face so strongly as if someone was screaming loudly. Without looking anywhere I just get inside my house and shut the door banging loudly. My mother shouted from back for banging the door but without listening to her I quickly went to my room changed my clothes and get into bed.

Because of fear I was murmuring and could not sleep that night. Rolling on the bed from one corner to another I fall asleep. Suddenly, a loud music was played and I got up anxiously, my heart was beating so fast that time and hope you can realize how it be if you are in a sound sleep and suddenly a loud music throws in your ear leaves you heartfelt.

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I came down from my bed to see who’s that to play music in middle of the night (it was around 12 `o’ clock). Sliding the curtains of windows I looked through, what I saw there I could not believed in my own eyes. The cottage is opposite to my house where I saw shadows of many people dancing in a loud music. It was like some parties going out there. People were giggling, laughing, and enjoying themselves fully. But seeing that I was shocked because in such a haunted cottage where nobody lives how suddenly so many people were there.

Seeing all activities happening at that cottage I could not sleep. It was like a dream to me, I didn’t believe in my eyes. Being young generation girl I had curiosity to know what actually going on.But also I was so much scared. So I called my brother and told him that we have to go to that cottage to know what actually happens. At first he was not agree but after sometimes I convinced him and both of us walked through the cottage.

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There was lots of fear in our heart but to know the truth what was exactly going out there we went to see with full of guts and courage’s. I pushed the door that was already open, the music was so loud and giggling sound too irritates our ear. The music was coming from upper room so we went there to see. Again door was already open when I pushed to get inside. Entered the room thinking that there were many people dancing around but what we saw there, a big wide room, full of dust and insects but not a single person was there.

Seeing that view on room we were totally shocked. If there was no one than those music came from where and that people’s giggling sounds came from where?? It was a big question mark revolving in our head. We were in so much fear, we thought of coming out from that place. As we step our foot down to stairs the music started playing again. We were astonished and looked back but nobody was there. Then we realized this place is haunted, we should not be here.

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We ran towards our home holding our breath, the giggling sound was still there, this time it was louder. We closed our ears with hand and ran faster and get inside our house. I called my Mom and Dad they came hastily outside and surprised to see us near the door late night and asked us why we are there. I told them everything; at first they didn’t believe me at all. They thought it’s my fantasy but day by day when I was losing weight and started looking pale they got worried and thought of leaving that place and got shifted to another place.

“That day I feel the thrill of horror and I cannot forget in my whole life, how scary it was”.

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