Qualities Of A Good Supervisor

A supervisor is a person who is charged with the responsibilities of monitoring the productivity of employees in the workplace. It is necessary to know the Qualities Of A Good Supervisor if you want to be best in this field.

Qualities Of A Good Supervisor :

Do you ever think What Makes A Good Supervisor or How To Be A Good Supervisor. Here you will know about some Qualities Of A Supervisor that will help you to be a better Supervisor.

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Interactive communication skills:

Good communication skill is one of the must Qualities Of A Good Supervisor. Hence a good supervisor should be able to communicate well with his juniors. It is very important for a supervisor to be able to interact well with the people who are working under him. Good communication fosters a good relationship at the work place. Communication makes work easier to do and manageable.

Ability to delegate:

A good supervisor should have the ability to delegate work to the people working under him. It is important to share work well to avoid having wrangles at work. A good supervisor should be in a position to delegate work fairly without any favourism. Delegation of work should be based on the roles each employee plays and not on the personal relationships of the supervisor and his juniors.


It is important for a supervisor to be confident in the work place. A good supervisor should be confident in himself/ herself. Having such kind of self confidence in turn makes other people to respect the supervisor. Showing them who is in authority and taking charge is one of the admirable qualities of a good supervisor. A good supervisor should be able to be confident in hid or her authority without fear or intimidation.


Humility is a very admirable trait in a good supervisor. Being humble means he or she is not too full of himself or herself. A good supervisor should be able to relate with the people he is supervising without feeling as their superior. It is important for any supervisor to remember that humility is key to fostering a good work relationship. Even as their superior at the work place, they should relate well with their juniors

A learner:

A good supervisor should be a good learner as well. He should treat his subordinates as his equals and not his inferiors. A good supervisor should be open to new things and be willing to learn from his subordinates as they learn from him. He should let the relationship between him and his juniors be symbiotic. This way, they get to build and teach each other.


A good supervisor should be passionate about his work. This will ensure that the work is enjoyable. Having passion makes the work to be enjoyable, easy and also manageable. A good supervisor should love his work. If they love what they do then they will always put their hearts to it and in turn make work easy.


A good supervisor should be flexible. This means that they should be able to fit in any type of setting from social to office settings. A good supervisor should be adjustable to any changes that may be made in an organization. This way, there is always room to do and be something different. A good supervisor should understand that different circumstances call for different reactions. Some situations call for seriousness while some can use a little fun. A good supervisor should be one who can adjust to the specific situation of that specific moment.

Decision maker:

Decision making is an admirable trait for any leader in any capacity. A good supervisor should be a good decision maker too. Most of the key decisions in a company are made by the immediate supervisor. Therefore, a good supervisor should always be able to make decisions without getting influenced by his personal ties to his juniors. Decisions on hiring and firing as well as of recommendations of employees should be made by the supervisor. And so, he needs to be really good at it.

Problem solver:

At times, there erupts issues of conflict at the work place. But it is important to solve such issues before they progress to something unmanageable. So the supervisor, as the immediate person in authority should be a good problem solver. He should be able to solve problems and resolve issues between his juniors and also with his juniors.

Employer motivator:

A good supervisor should be a motivator. When employees do work well, or when they meet the estimated target, he should motivate them to keep them working. Having business and social dinners or parties, or giving appreciation gifts to deserving employees is a good way to go about this. A good supervisor should be appreciative of the work done by his juniors. People tend to work more and better when they feel their work is appreciated and taken note of.

Diversity and generational differences:

In the modern world, we find people of all ages and cultural backgrounds working together. So a good supervisor should be one to appreciate diversity at all fields. As most of the work involving a supervisor could be field work, it is important for a supervisor to understand the different generational diversities of people who work under him.

So these are some Qualities Of A Good Supervisor. And to sum up it has to say that if anyone can apply those tactic then it will be very beneficial for him/her as a supervisor.

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