Qualities Of A Good Manager

A manager is a person who is in charge of group of people or certain tasks or a specific subsection of a company. Managers are given the responsibilities of being in charge of certain departments in a company. We should know about the Qualities Of A Good Manager or the Traits Of A Good Manager.

Qualities Of A Good Manager :

If someone wants to be a Perfect Manager, he/she must should have some qualities. Here I am going to write about some Qualities Of A Good Manager as follows.

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Time management skills:

A good manager should also be a good time manager. As most of the activities of the company are controlled by the manager, he should be one who is efficient in time managing. This ensures that no valuable time will be lost doing things that do not profit the company. A good manager should be able to delegate time for serious office business and time to socialize to make the office environment a little livelier.


A good manager should be a reliable manager. The employees of a company and other subordinates should be able to rely on the manager for whatever they need. Whether it is advice on certain matters of the company or other issues, they are supposed to always be able to rely on the manager.

A good delegate:

A good manager should be an excellent delegate. This means that he should be one to delegate work and other responsibilities fairly and justly. A good manager should not be swayed by his personal affiliations or feelings in delegation of tasks and roles.


It is one of the major qualities of a good manager. A good manager should be trustworthy. Trust is very essential in the running of any organization and also in cementing any relationship. Trust is very important when working together. A good manager should make it easy for his subordinates to trust him with things concerning work and also things that go on in their private lives. A good manager should be trusted not to misuse his power for his advantage or to the disadvantage of his subordinates. If there is trust in a company, people are able to work well with or without the supervision of their managers. In turn, work becomes very easy and manageable.

Sets clear performance expectations:

A good manager is one who sets clear performance expectations for his employees. This means that, there are certain goals that have been set by the manger that need to be met. Also, there are certain expectations that the manager has towards his employees that should be paid attention to. When the employees are aware of what the manager expects of them, it is easy to work as they have these goals and expectations in mind as they work.

Cares about his subordinates:

A good manager should be caring towards his employees. This means that he should show some interest or concern about the lives of his subordinates. Whether in or out of the office, a good manager should take interest in how the employees are faring on. This makes the other employees feel cared for while the same time like they matter. It is easy to work with people in such conditions compared to when they may think you as a manager does not care about them. Caring does not make the manager less superior, it makes him more relatable to his subordinates. A good manager should be careful not to submit his subordinates to longer hours of working than they should. He should be considerate about the working conditions of his employees also to make sure they are favourable.

A good manager is a social person:

A good manager should be a social person. He should make an effort to know his employees beyond the office. Being a social person means that he/she is flexible to attend to the needs of his employees both as a boss and also as a friend. A good manager should make the working environment fun. He should be open minded so that it is not always about work in the office. Sometimes it is important to let a little loose, live a little, it makes work easier and definitely more fun.

A good manager is a team player:

A good manager should be both a good team player and a good manager too. The good manager should be one who can foster positive cooperation in the organization by working well with his subordinates. A manager should involve himself with team building activities in the organization and lead by example at all times.

A good manager is receptive:

It is also one of the important qualities of a good manager. This means that he listens to them and to their ideas. A good manager should be a good listener as he is a boss. He should be able to hold meetings when there is an issue and create a favourable atmosphere for his employees to speak freely. This is a good way to improve the relationship between the manager and his employees. It creates open communication between the two parties. As such, any issue that arises can be taken care of quickly than when the manager is ignorant or a poor listener.

In conclusion it has to say that these are some Qualities Of A Good Manager and you must follow them to be a ideal Manager.

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