Qualities Of A Good Boss

A boss refers to a person who is responsible for a team or an organization. So you should known about the Qualities Of A Good Boss if you want to be. A boss is in charge of all the activities happening in an organization as well as of the employees. A boss is responsible for assigning tasks to his juniors, having control over them and also making the most important decisions in the organization.

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Qualities Of A Good Boss :

Here are some qualities of a good boss as follows.


Trust is very important in the success of any business, or organization or any relationship. And it is one of the must qualities of a good boss. A good boss should be trustworthy. This means that he should be one who can be trusted with anything by his employees. When there is trust between people, working together becomes very easy and enjoyable. Communication is open and a strong relationship is built.

Sets clear performance expectations:

A good boss is one who sets clear performance expectations. This means letting your employees know what you expect of them in order to avoid conflicts. Employees perform better when they have goals they are working to meet. It is the task of a good boss to make these expectations known to the employees.

Cares about his employees:

A good boss should be considerate about his employees. Caring about them and their personal lives will help you work well without conflicts and frictions. Make it your business to know what the personal lives of your employees entail. Ask about their families and their social lives to be able to understand them better. If there is an employee who needs some personal time, be willing to let them have it. Do not subject your employees to long hours of working especially if their personal lives are so active. Restricting employees to certain working conditions and denying them their freedom is not advisable. At the same time, do not infringe on their privacies. Be concerned, but not too concerned that it seems as if you are over probing.

Is a social person:

A good boss should be a social one. It is important for a boss to create time to interact with his employees outside work. Open communication goes a long way to making the working environment desirable. Seek to know your employees at a personal level. Take them out on social events such as lunches and dinners just to interact. A good boss should be professional, but he should also be a social one.

Fun to work with:

A good boss should also be a fun boss. He should have a good sense of humour and welcome the same from the employees. A good boss should be critical, but in a humorous manner. This helps to relieve any tension there might be at work. A few jokes from time to time is good in the office and definitely an admirable trait in a boss.

Team player, fosters team development:

A good boss should be as good a team player as a boss. It is good when the boss gets involved in team building activities and works together with his employees in different projects at work. A good boss should organize team building activities and set aside days for this specific purpose.

Values the ideas of employees:

A good boss should be receptive to the ideas and the opinions of his or her employees. He/she should listen to them and try to incorporate the ideas to the organization. It may end up being beneficious to the company, or not. Either way, employees work better when they know their voices and opinions are respected. They feel at ease when they know they can talk to their bosses regarding anything.  When their ideas are heard, it makes them feel appreciated and are motivated to work better to make the organization a better one.

Appreciates and rewards good performance:

A good boss should be appreciative. If employees do well, if you close a good business deal, let them know you appreciate their effort. This can be done through giving of vouchers to the deserving employees or throwing a party as an appreciation. This can also help in motivating those who might have been lazing around to do better next time in order to be awarded too.

A good boss should be able to keep a balance:

Being a boss can be both fun and hectic. A good boss should be one who knows how to balance these two sides. He should know when it is time for work and when it is time to let a little loose. A good boss should know how to balance work with fun, how to balance official and non-official matters.

A good boss should be forgiving:

At times there are misunderstandings in the work place. A good boss is a good listener, he should be able to forgive employees if they do anything that is contrary to his expectations.

In addition, a good boss should be a good decision maker, he should be kind, tolerant and a people’s person. So these are the qualities of a good boss and one must have it if one wants to be a boss.

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