Perfect Face Care Regime At Home

People cannot move their eyes from the beautiful, clean, scar less face. And we will know here about Perfect Face Care Regime At Home. We are gifted with beauty and beautiful skin at the time of birth but to retain the natural beauty in this polluted environment is very tough. If we follow a simple regime daily by keeping aside 15-20 minutes, our natural beauty retains forever.

The three easy methods consisting of cleaning, toning and moisturizing (CTM) is the best for a natural glow. After the day’s tired task our face needs some work out.


In this world of pollution our face faces harsh weather. So, at the day’s end, it needs to be cleaned. Cleanse the face as well as neck portion well with the help of cleanser. There are many cleansers/ cleansing milk available in the market. You can use any according to your choice.


After cleaning, the next step to be followed is the toning. Use toner for it. Toner will help in reducing the size of the pores. It will soothe your face.


The last step to be followed is the moisturizing. This is the most important part. Toner will dehydrate the face so, in order to retain moisture in the facial portion, moisturizing is must. While moisturizing, massage the face well.

For better result, use all the products from the same brand.

So this is the Perfect Face Care Regime At Home and you can easily do it in no time and without spending so much money at Parlour.

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