Net Neutrality Pros And Cons

Before discussing about the Net Neutrality Pros And Cons first we need to get some ideas about what is net neutrality?. The idea that all people should be allowed to access information and content and applications equally by Internet Service Providers is what is referred to as net neutrality. Data and all internet traffic should treat equally regardless of its source, its content or its user. And there should not be different charge on accounts of preferences of the website, the application or the platform. It is the key principle of the internet. But there are some net neutrality problems. And In this article I am going to write about Net Neutrality Pros And Cons.

There are various Net Neutrality Pros And Cons. The pros include the following:

Pros Of Net Neutrality :

Promotion and protection of innovation:

Net neutrality ensures that small start-up companies have as much advantage and chances to grow as the large companies. There is a fair playing ground for both as everything delivers fairly and equally to users on the other end. Small businesses and or freelancers have the same opportunity to get innovated as large companies. Thus it gives everyone an opportunity to offer and gain information as it suits them best. They also get offer of similar resources and equal capabilities.

Freedom of expression is protected:

Net Neutrality promotes and protects freedom of expression. Everyone has a voice and can express themselves and make their ideas live online without fear of intimidation or ignorance. Internet service providers do not have the mandate to block access to any information. Whether it is unsuitable to the public or it brings competition to the self-interests of the ISPs. Net neutrality has made it easier and possible for bloggers and other people with small businesses and websites to function.

Promotion of an equal playing ground:

As net neutrality allows access to all internet traffic regardless of any factor. So a level playing ground is created in that, despite there being specific ways to control and counter activities that are not legal. There is no way for internet service providers through companies such as Comcast to alter the delivery of data to a client.

It has enabled keeping track of illegal activities:

It is possible to find illegal content in the internet with or without going to look for it. As such, net neutrality seeks to provide optimum experiences to all net users. It is not difficult to hinder sharing files illegally or any other activity that is not legal.

Standard charges on internet services:

When net neutrality adheres to, it is not possible for Internet service providers to hike prices on services. In countries such as Portugal which lack net neutrality, net services are extremely high and to some point unreasonable.

Cons Of Net Neutrality :

Net neutrality also has few cons. Such are:

Corruption of morals:

With freedom of expression comes corruption of morals. It is not mandatory for the internet service providers to block any form of data due to net neutrality. Thus it is very easy for obscene material and content that is not sensitive to certain age groups. And these type of contents presense online such as pornography, videos which are graphic and other items that should have a parental guidance rating. People are free to post anything on the internet under the ‘freedom of expression’ notion.

Lack of compensation for data used:

With the growing rate of technological advancements, it is now possible to make video calls across the globe for example through skype. Video calls and streaming are being offered by Netflix in HD which consumes a lot of data that causes losses to the infrastructure of ISPs.

Limitations on improvement of infrastructure:

Averagely, there are specific businesses and also individuals who consume big amounts of bandwidth monthly. In a situation where net neutrality is absent, these businesses and individuals would have to pay as much as they use. Net neutrality hinders improvement of infrastructure as this added income is what would be utilized in upgrading systems as well as allowing the installation of fibre networks worldwide.

Extinction of free internet:

Net neutrality ensures that the internet does not become a place where profit maximization is the major concern. In absence of net neutrality, ISPs would charge what they want and put restrictions to people who cannot afford their rates from accessing their services. This would take away the free internet that people enjoys across the globe. And thus it causing discrimination in terms of demography. And also on social economic grounds whereby only the rich who can afford to pay for the internet have access to these services.

Assigning of priorities by the ISP:

Many services of streaming online have come up that allow access to live television in the current day such as PlayStation Vve, Hulu and Sling by Dish Networks. This means that, if an individual decides to use Comcast as his Internet Service Provider then there would be a conflict as these streaming services could be prioritized less if at all as a result of them being rival companies. If Comcast chose to provide higher speeds to the services it provides then the signals of the rival organizations could be slowed down. And thus it can affect and highly limiting the choices of the consumer.

Everything has good and bad effects. And we should utilize the good things properly rather than bad. So these are the Net Neutrality Pros And Cons that we have already discussed. Hope it will be helpful to you to understand some facts about Net Neutrality Pros And Cons.

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