Natural Makeup Look For Brown Skin

Choosing what makeup to use is very important. You should choose make up that will not make you look hilarious or exaggerated. In order to do this, you need to know what shade of makeup to use on your specific skin tone and type in order not to mess your looks up. It is important to be careful not to use make up that is too light or too dark. This is because it will make your skin look muddy and placid. People do not have the same skin tones even if they might be brown skin. Our undertones are very different and so we should be careful about the type of makeup we use. Some women have pink undertones while others have blue ones. This is why there are many options for Natural Makeup Look For Brown Skin.

Natural Makeup Look For Brown Skin

In order to pull a Natural Makeup Look For Brown Skin, it is important to learn some basics before using any makeup. You should prepare your skin by applying a thin layer of moisturizer. A hydrated skin is easier to apply makeup and it gives it a natural look and real looking skin.


When choosing natural makeup look for brown skin, it is important to visit a cosmetician in order to get the colour that best matches your skin tone. When using foundation, you should use a foundation that will not look too obvious. Use foundation that does not show on the face that explicitly. When applying foundation, use a beauty blender or a foundation brush. This ensures that you are left with a professional finish and a complexion that is flawless.


When choosing powder for your brown skin, it is important to choose a powder that matches your foundation or use a transparent powder. Prior to applying the powder, make sure you use a concealer that has a lighter shade than your foundation. Apply this concealer at specific places such as under your eyes, around your nostrils, down the centre of your nose and at the corner of your lips. The reason for doing this is to highlight your unique features and to keep them in place. In case you want to highlight your cheekbones, you should use a powder that has a lighter shade than your brown skin on your cheekbones. In case you want to contour your face, you should probably choose a powder that is a shade or two darker. Apply it on your cheekbones, under the chin and also along the sides of your nose.

Applying blush:

If you are brown skinned, it is advisable to choose colours from coal, rose and deep orange. Also, you should stay clear of brownsand peachy shades for the blush on. Use the blush on to the apples of your cheeks, which are the parts that raise when you smile. Also, apply blush on to the parts that the sun naturally hits your face. This helps create a natural sun-kissed look. You can also apply a shimmery bronzer in light bronze for a sun-kissed glow.

Lip makeup:

Your lips are very important when it comes to pulling a natural makeup look for brown skin. You can use a nude lipstick or a lipgloss that will compliment your skin tone.

Eye colours:

For a brown skin, set the eyelid using a powdery brown eye shadow. This eye shadow should be slightly darker than the colour of your skin. This is in order to counteract the oiliness and to make the eye pencil to stick on better. In addition, use a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone to bend it out. In addition, you can use mascara but only on the upper lashes. This is in order to lift the eye and give it a little elegance.

Complementing the eye makeup:

When using natural makeup look for brown skin, you should adjust the rest of the colours of your make up to compliment the make up of your eyes. When it comes to your lips, you should use a colour that do not take the attention away from your eyes. In order to do this, use a browner shade for your lips.

In order to have the best results for a Natural Makeup Look For Brown Skin, choose a base that blends well with your skin tone. It is important to go over your face with a damp beauty sponge to get rid of any steaks or lines on the face. Applying a medium coverage foundation while stippling it on with a flat brush or a sponge helps to make sure that your face make up will stay intact the entire day. Choosing a concealer that is a shade or two darker than your natural foundation colour helps to brighten up the areas under your eyes. This gives you a more luminous look.

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