Most Expensive Food In The World

In our daily life we eat the traditional foods according to our routine and healthy needs. But have you ever thought that there are some Most Expensive Restaurants and some Most Expensive Food In The World that can empty your pocket. But there will be no loss for that. Because the delicious taste of the Most Expensive Food In The World will last long in your tongue.

 So lets start the discussion about the Most Expensive Food or Most Expensive Dish or Luxury Food  In The World :

1. Pizza-Qube, (The Leela Palace, Delhi, India),

under Most Expensive Food In The World :

Most expensive pizza in India is served in Leela Palace hotel where it cost around Rs. 10,000. And it also comes under the Most Expensive Food In The World. The most expensive lobster is the main ingredient in this pizza so it has high price than any other pizza cost. Along with pizza they will serve Grey Goose Vodka, as the price is high it tasted also delicious.

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2. Edible Bird’s Nest (China):

The bird’s nest which is harvested for human consumption is rich in calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium which are good for health, mostly for the skin. It is the most expensive edible bird’s nest because it has created by edible-nest Swiftles using solidified saliva. There are variety in colors of nest; white, red, dark brown and black. But most rich in nutrients is in white and red nest and also cost higher in price around US $2,000 per kilogram for white nest and US $10,000 per kilogram for red nest. Along with China other countries like Malaysia, United State, also prefer the birds nest for consumption. Especially they make edible bird’s nest soup which taste delicious and also good for health.

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3. Almas Caviar (Iran):

The only restaurant in the world that offers Almas Caviar is ‘The Caviar House & Prunier’. It is the most expensive food in the world from the Iranian Beluga fish which cost around £16000. Almas is produced from the eggs of a rare albino sturgeon between 60-100 years old. It served only in one place that is in Iran with a delicious and unforgettable taste of ‘Almas’.

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4. Coffin Bay King Oysters (Australia):

The most expensive oysters which is large in size and have up to 10 times extra meat than normal sizes oysters. It is the best sea food loved by many peoples. Though it cost $100 per oyster, it takes only a second to finish in mouth. Traditionally it served fresh raw oyster with a slice of lemon. Oysters have got already a salty flavor in it while taking out from the sea. It taste fresh and get melt like a jelly in mouth. In comparison of normal oyster which have 10-12g of meat, kings’ oysters have up to 100g meat, so it is 10 times bigger than the normal oyster and also higher in price.

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5. Eel Fish (USA):

Eel fish is long in length about 4-5cm and have weight about 20-30gm. It is famous in many cuisine like Hongkong, Japan, USA, etc. They are rarely found in sea because it hide under the sand or stone so it can be seen less. Eel fish will cost you around $500 per metric tons in USA. It’s served in many restaurants with different varieties and prices.

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6. Fourchu Lobster (New York City):

It is the best lobster in the world which hails from the tiny village of Fourchu on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Fourchu lobster is beautiful in color and tastes delicious. It is high in price which cost $20 per pound. Many restaurants have added fourchu lobster in their menu with a high range price. But there is no loss of money by ordering world’s best lobster which is rich and delicious.

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So these are the Most Expensive Food In The World. Sometimes to empty your pocket is not a bad deal if you want to enjoy the Most Expensive Food In The World. So if you get opportunity then go and enjoy.

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