What Is Love Jihad- All You Need To Know About Love Jihad

Now-a-days we often hear about a word Love Jihad. But what actually it means,how the term is invented, we should know everything.


Love is an intense feeling that is based on deep affection based on admiration, attachment, devotion, passion, relation.


“Jihad” is an Arabic word which means struggling or striving. But there is a misconception of the word; it is often translated as “Holy War”.

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Love Jihad, these two words are the antonyms for each other. The words with completely different meanings are amalgamated and made into one. It is also known as Romeo-Jihad. This word is in trend nowadays. The activity under which Muslim men tie knot with the girls of different faith to proselytize them is popularly known as Love Jihad. The word gained its fame in India in 2009 with alleged conversion in Kerala and Mangalore. From then, whenever there is a marriage between Muslim men and non-Muslim women, the tag of Love Jihad is being tagged to their marriage.

There are many cases of Love Jihad in India. The most famous and latest one is the Hadiya’s case. Hadiya, a 26 year old, Kerala Homoeopathy student married to Mr. Shafin Jahan after converting to Islam in her own will. It so happened that the marriage was annulled by Kerala High Court by calling the marriage as “sham” and referred to it as “Love Jihad”. It was also alleged that her marriage was to recruit her in ISIS terror group after her conversion. In spite of the girl accepting the fact that she was not forced to convert to Islam and marry, it was not heard by the family nor the High Court.

It is believed that “whatever happens, happens for good to those who fear the Lord” has been proved to be true in Hadiya’s case. After months of separation from her husband, The Supreme Court has finally on 8th of March set aside a Kerala High Court order annulling the marriage and upheld Ms. Hadiya’s freedom to pursue her future endeavors according to law.

In Rajasthan, a poor laborer from West Bengal was burnt alive due to the suspection of Love Jihad.

Our Preamble clearly states that our country is a secular one and the constitution clearly gives the right to equality to all its citizens but how far are we conscious about it? How far do we give space to these things in our society? We feel proud when we read and learn the preamble and the articles but do we feel proud to bring it into practice? This is what we are lacking in. We lack in widening our mind.

We fall in love with people. And we make a decision to spent rest of our life with them and decide to marry each other. If people of different faith marry one another, the matter boils up. It gets heated up so much that personal matters are made public and also political. The one thing which strikes my mind is- when we fall in love with a person, do we have to enquire them about their faith? Does faith stops us from loving a person? Certainly not. So, why is our society being hindrance in between the two love birds?

One more thing about which I am perplexed is – what name shall we give to a marriage when a Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim man? Will it create a similar kind of issue? Will it still be a Love Jihad?

Every religion teaches its followers to stick into it no matter what the situation brings but it also teaches us to love every being as we love ourselves. So, if it teaches us to love everybody then why are we creating issues as such? There is also a Special Marriage Act in our country. And the Law too states that marriage between two consenting adults is a valid marriage. So, why are we still deepening the pot-holes between two religions by creating such meaningless issues?

These kinds of matter should be eradicated from its roots, from the political and social ground. Then, shall all be treated equally irrespective of faith, caste, color and creed. Let the issue of Love Jihad turn into Love and only Love issue. Let us not fall in the trap of these meaningless issues but look forward for the upliftment of the society and the country.

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