Long Distance Relationship Problems

Every relationship has its ups and downs that is for sure. Most relationship problems can however be fixed if you have a sit down with your partner and talk things through. But this is not a possible solution to Long Distance Relationship Problems. Long distance relationships are very tricky to manage and at times end up in ugly break ups. It is not easy to maintain a long-distance relationship especially if the bond between the couple is not strong.

Long Distance Relationship Problems

Long Distance Relationship Problems :

This sort of relationships is the most delicate and require a lot of patience and trust to work. Some of the main things that are associated with long distance relationship problems and how can you handle it are as follows:


Miscommunication is among the major reasons why long-distance relationships often fail. It is not easy to maintain a relationship if there is no communication or otherwise between you two. Sometimes a person may feel like the partner does not talk to them enough, or like they talk too much. Having your phone beep every second is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Having it not beep at all is also not a good sign. If you have an issue with the communication patterns of your relationship let your partner know.

Also, if you don’t like them hanging out with a certain person you should communicate instead of secretly getting worked up every time they tell you they are with that person. Do not hide your feelings or bottle them up for any reason. Open communication between partners is key to a healthy relationship. Maintain the balance in your relationship by making your partner your confidante. Talk to him/her about whatever might be bothering you and work through it together.

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Drifting apart:

Many long-distance relationships have failed when the couple drifts apart. It may start as a result of minor things such as failing to reply messages or not returning calls. If you let your partner feel isolated then they are bound to feel lonely. They may feel like you are pushing them away and in the long run move away too. You will drift apart in your relationship if you do not communicate, if you have trust issues and if you do not make time for each other. In addition, make sure you know yourself before rushing into a relationship. You might discover some things about yourself or your partner in the course of the relationship that may make you drift apart.


It is one of the common and hard truth of long distance relationship problems. The distance makes it really difficult to be fully present in each other’s lives. If the two of you are working for long hours then you may not have enough time amidst your busy schedules to catch up. This is a problem as it leads to loneliness and eventually can cause the couple to drift apart. Making time to talk to your partner is important. Reminding them that you love them and constantly letting them know you miss them could work magic. Even if you do not get a chance to talk every day, they will always know you are there for them.

Trust issues:

Love is a gamble. Trust is important in any relationship and most especially in long distance relationships. There is really no way to ascertain that your partner is being faithful and honest with you and at times you just have to roll the dice. It is normal to hound your partner from time to time, but then too much hounding will raise suspicions and lead to disagreements. Taking a leap of faith and trusting your partner is important to keep the relationship strong. Trust issues come up as a result of insecurities from either side. Being confident in your partner will go a long way to fostering trust between you two and in strengthening the relationship.


Jealousy is a common trait in any relationship, worse in long distance relationships. This commonly affects the females in the relationship. It really does not matter if your boyfriend is interested in the girl you are jealous of, it will always be an issue. If you think he spends more time with her than he should, or if their business lunches last longer than they should, then you get jealous. You start seeing her as a threat to your relationship however innocent their relationship is. If it is the girl doing school projects with him or his secretary at work, it does not matter. If you keep second guessing your man then you are bound to get jealous at the slightest provocation. This will ruin your relationship really fast.


When talking about long distance relationship problems, time is a common issue. For relationships across borders and different time zones for instance, it may be quite problematic. You find that you are getting up when your partner is preparing to go to bed. There is no sufficient time to talk about your day because of the difference in time factor. If you do not create time for your partner, they feel neglected and this may bring issues in the relationship.

These are some Long Distance Relationship Problems that can ruin your love-life. But if you have real love for each other, so in spite of many difficulties you can manage everything. And you can lead a happy love-life with your partner. So be happy with your love wherever she/he is.

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