Know About The Tourist Places In Malda, West Bengal

Malda is one of the prominent districts of West Bengal, India. And in this article we will discuss about the Tourist Places In Malda, the Malda tourist spot. Generally there is two parts in the State, one is South Bengal and other is North Bengal. And Malda belongs in the middle of this two parts and it is the gateway of North Bengal. It is famous all over the world for the production of mangoes. During 18th Century, it was famous for cotton and silk industries. So before start the discussion about Malda tourism or the places to visit in Malda, we should know something about the town.

Co-Ordinates: 25.1786◦N, 88.2461◦E

History of the Malda Town:

Malda has experienced an era of Gour. Post-Gour period, after the Battle of Plassey in 1757, British started ruling the place. Rafique Mondal led the history of Indigo movement. From 12-15 August 1947, the town underwent confusion so as to which side it would go? After the details of Radcliffe Award published, Malda came under the jurisdiction of West Bengal on 17th August 1947.

Festivals of the town: Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, Durga puja, Kali puja, Christmas.

Nearest Railway Station. Malda Town railway station.

How to reach the town? Malda Town is the major railway station of the town. So, people from all over can directly drop at the Malda Town.

Tourist Places In Malda :


It is at Hazrat Pandua of Firuzabad. It is believed to be the largest mosque of medieval times. From the inscription at its back wall it is clear that Sikandar Shah built it in 1373 A.D. At present, the mosque is in ruins.

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Adina Deer Park is one of the favorite tourist places in Malda, near Pandua, about 20 KM far away from the main town. In Adina Deer Park you will see a large number of Cheetal Deer and various kinds of birds.

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It is located at Boro Sona Masjid road. Alauddin Hussain Shah started the construction but his son Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah completed it in 1526 A.D.


It was built during the times of Hussain Shahi Sultans. It is one of the best preserved monuments in the town.

DAKHIL DARWAZA, One Of The Must Visit Tourist Places In Malda:

It is situated at Gour and was built as an entrance gate to Gour. There are no proper proofs as to who built the gate. Some believe that Nasiruddin Mahumad Shah built it, whereas others believe that Alauddin Husain Shah built it.

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Sultan Yusuf Shah built it in the year 1475, near Gour Road. It got its name as number of bats house here.


It is situated near Dakhil Darwaza and one of the best tourist places in Malda. It is a tomb of Firoz Shah and resembles Qutb Minar. Sultan Saifuddin Feroze Shah built the Firoz Minar Tomb in Tughlaqi style. At present, it is under Archaeological Survey of India.

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Baisazi Wall is situated at Gaur. William Baillie built it to enclose the royal palace in Gaur.


Qutb Shahi Mosque was built in honor of saint Nur Qutub ul Alam and it is situated at Hazrat Pandua and resembles bara sona mosque of Gaur-Lakhnanti and also known as Sona Masjid.


Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah built it in 1530 A.D. It has a stone tablet which has the footprints of Prophet Muhammad, so it is called Kadam (foot) Rasul Mosque.


Malda Museum is located at Subhankar Bandh Road. It is an archaeological museum. It displays the calligraphic inscription tablets, sculptures, figurines and terracotta plaques that belong to 1500 years ago.


It is a mausoleum of Jalauddin Muhammad Shah at Hazrat Pandua. It is the first brick tomb in Bengal.


It was built during the reign of Yusuf Shah in 1480 and well known for its decorative patterns.

So these are the Tourist Places In Malda where you can discover some past memories of the Historical Era. So whenever you make any plan to visit the town, just include the above places in your list. And it will surely give you the fruitful experience of your journey. So visit and spent some quality time in these historical places.

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