Know About Alipurduar Tourism: The Tourist Places In Alipurduar, West Bengal

When you will think to visit the forests in North Bengal (The Northern Part of West Bengal) then Alipurduar Tourism must be in your mind. So here you will get the information about the Alipurduar Tourist Spot and the best Tourist Places In Alipurduar.

Location of Alipurduar: It is located in the north bank of Kalijani River. And it is the gateway to Bhutan and the north-east state of India.

Co- Ordinates: 26.489◦N, 89.527◦E

History of the town: After the 2nd Anglo-Bhutan war in 1865, according to the Treaty of Sinchula, the British government attached the Eleven Bengal Dooars. Then Colonel Hedayat Ali took the post of the military commander on the back of River Kaljani. Hence, this region of Dooars was named Alipurduar after Hedayat Ali.

Temples of the town: Radha Madhab temple, Mahakal Dham Temple, Adyapeeth Temple, Alipurduar Durgabari Temple, Madhyapara Kali Mandap. And the temples are also the part of Alipurduar Tourism.

Railway Stations in the town: Alipurduar Junction railway station in the north and New Alipurduar railway Station in the East, Alipurduar Railway Junction in South and Alipurduar Court in Central.

Art & Craft in the town: Alipurduar is an important centre for wood crafts, pottery, jute products and bamboo crafts.

Festivals of the District: Karam Puja of the Adivasis, Lossar and Theugap festivals of the Dukpas are the important festivals among the tribal people residing in the district. Beside this Durga puja, Dipawali etc are the festivals of the Hindus residing in the district.



The Jaldapar Wild Life Sanctuary is situated on the foothills of eastern Himalayas. It is Savannah type of forest covered with tall grasses. It is a rain forest. Elephants and Safaris are the mode of transport inside the forest. And elephant ride is the best to view the species. Asiatic one horned rhino is the centre of attraction. In this forest you can enjoy the view of Bisons, wild pig, tiger, elephant, spotted deer, barking deer, hog deer, Bengal bustard, partridge, Palla’s fishing eagle, peafowl, jungle fowl, crested eagle, hornbill, turtles, gecko, python, monitor lizard, cobra and krate and many more species. So without Jaldapara Forest Alipurduar Tourism is incomplete.

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It is located near India and Bhutan border. Bhutan Ghat is famous for its scenic beauty with green forest. River Raidak flows through this place. You can find rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, bisons and many birds and animals here.

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It is in Rajabhatkawa. In 1865 the Britishers annexed the Buxa Fort in the Indo-Bhutan war. And the fort served as the refuge during the freedom movement in 1900s.


The reserve comprises of Buxa forest division and part of Coochbehar forest division. The Buxa tiger reserve is located inside the Buxa National Park. And it is one of the best places of Alipurduar Tourism. It was created in 1983 as the 15th tiger reserve in India. The Buxa Wildlife Sanctuary was constituted in 1986 over 314.52 square km of the reserve forest and in 1991, 54.47 square km was added to it. In 1992, the Government of West Bengal declared its intentions to constitute an area of 117.10 square km of the Buxa Wildlife Sanctuary. And after that in 1997 Govt. declared it as National Park.The main trees are Sal, Simul, Chapa, Gamar, Chikrasi. The animals found are leopard, Asian elephant, tiger, wild boar, sambar, gaur, Himalayan goat, wild buffalo, antelope, regal python, greater pied hornbill, etc.

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It is a dense forest near Jaldapara National Park. Nalraja Garh which was built during the Gupta period in the 5th Century C.E is one of the main attentions. You can enjoy the view of of elephants, rhinoceros, leopards here.


People come here mostly for educational tours. The park has mostly suspension bridge, a watch tower and a centre for wild animal rescue operations. When one stands in the suspension bridge, he/she can have a view of Kunjanagar and Jaldapara National Park on the opposite sides. People believe that Subash Ch. Bose had once stayed in the Soulmari Ashram here. Here you can see elephants, deer, leopards etc.

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How to reach the town?

The nearest airport is Bagdogra near Siliguri. From Bagdogra, you can reach the place by road. Taxis are available outside airport. It is approximately 99 km away from Bagdogra. And if your journey is by train, the nearest stations are Alipurduar Junction, New Alipurduar and Dalgoan Station. The nearest of these station is Dalgoan.

So these are the tourist places in Alipurduar and the main attraction of Alipurduar Tourism. Now you have some concrete idea about the place. So go and enjoy the adventure and natural beauty of Alipurduar Tourism.

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