Why Is Jaipur Called Pink City ?

Jaipur is the capital of the largest state of India, which is Rajasthan. But do you know Why Is Jaipur Called Pink City? What is the history behind it for calling so.

As soon as the name of Jaipur strikes our mind, we start imagine the land which still is the home of its tradition and culture. We fantasize the streets with the traditional music and dances and start to imagine men’s head with the turban and the women with the ghagra choli. We find ourselves in the midst of pink buildings and also start to imagine ourselves under the scorching heat of the sun and at the same time we find ourselves enjoying the beauty of the city.

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How did it get its name?

Maharaja Jai Singh II founded it in the year 1727, so the city got its name Jaipur after the founder.

Location of Jaipur: 26◦54’N 75◦48’E

Languages spoken: Rajasthani, Hindi, English, Marwari, Dhundhari

History of Jaipur- The Pink City:

Maharaja Jai Singh II planned the layout of the city under the guidance of Vidyadhar Bhattacharya. The whole of the city is planned according to vaastu shastra and it got established in the year 1727.

Why Is Jaipur Called Pink City:How did Jaipur get the name Pink City?

In the year 1876 when Sawai Ram Singh I was rulling, the Prince of Wales,  Edward VII visited the city. For this occasion The king painted the city pink i.e all the buildings, forts were painted pink to commemorate the visit of the Prince. Hence, the city earned the epithet- “The Pink City”. And this is the reason behind Why Is Jaipur Called Pink City.

Why Pink? Why not other colors?

Pink is a color which resembles hospitality. So, in order to give a warm welcome to the Prince of Wales, the Maharaja painted the city pink. And from that time Jaipur is known as the Pink City Of India.

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Places of attractions in the Pink City, Jaipur Tourism:

Jantar Mantar, Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, City Palace and many more.

Climate of the city:

Jaipur experiences semi-arid type of weather. Temperatures are high all the year round. Jaipur experiences warm summers and cold winters.

Food of the people:

Jaipur is the abode for foodies. Due to the extreme type of climate, the city witnesses food that can be preserved for days and can be served without heating. Bikaneri Bhujia has earned fame both in nation and internationally. The scarcity of water in the region has popped up the idea of using dairy products in excess. Bajra, jowar, gram flour are the main ingredients of the dishes.

Some of the Jaipuri  cuisine which are famous all over are Bajre ki roti and lahsun ki chutney, Khidchi, Dal Batti Churma, Rajasthai Kadhi, Mohan Maas, Laal Maas, Pyaaz Kachori, Vada, Ghevar, Imarti, Kalakand.

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Dresses of the people:

Dresses of the people of Jaipur are very colorful and add life to the eye of the viewers. They have their traditional outfit from head to toe which is unique and attractive. From turban to rajasthani printed clothes and juttis, all are attractive and resembles the unique culture of the people of Jaipur.

Women wear colorful decorated odhni, ghagra choli and bangles. Men wear pagri, angrakha, dhoti, patka and kamarbandhi.

Both men and women wear jewelleries. And Rajasthani printed Odhni are famous all over India.

Occupation of the people:

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Jaipur.

Jaipur is located at NH8. Bus services, railways and airways connect Jaipur with other parts of the country. Jaipur is the headquarter of North Western zone of Indian railways.

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Now you come to know that Why Is Jaipur Called Pink City. Jaipur is one of the planned cities. It is a city with beauty and lots of characters and wonderful things that visitors can explore. And the colorful Jaipur is unique and is beyond any comparison. So, whenever you make a plan to visit and travel in India, do make Jaipur in your list. The color and culture, tradition, cuisine, music, art will surely catch your eye and your travel will surely be a fruitful one.

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