Is Sex Essential Before Marriage

We may fall in love in any stages of life. But Is Sex Essential Before Marriage or is sex compulsory during love relationship. This is a very sensitive question in today’s world. And here I am going to discuss about this touchy topic.

“Sex”, the word itself creates curiosity in one’s mind and senses. In this modern world, as soon as the child steps in his/her teen, he/she becomes curious to know about itAs the years passes by, the curiosity keeps on increasing. As our world full with gadgets is in faster pace, so is our life. It is written that “Everything has time”. But nobody waits for the correct time. The way they select their fastest network, they want every experience of their life to be in a faster mode.

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When it comes to experiencing with the sexual pleasure, the modern world is so into it that they want it to give a fast start. But Is Sex Essential Before Marriage. Should we do sex before marriage ? When the love relation between two people start, the first thing they have in mind is to experience the Sexual Pleasure. Almost every teen, who are in love relation experiences this pleasure before marriage. But this is totally a sin. It is prohibited in all religion. “Virginity” is the most precious gift that a spouse can gift it to their better half. But this rarely happens nowadays.


It is the duty of the parents and the elders to educate their child as soon as he is able to understand these things. Until and unless the openness between the elders and the younger do not get created, the teens will have the tendency to know everything by themselves. Elders need to open up with their youngsters and educate them about the sexual relation. The sin that is taking place every now and then will be decreased. So, in order to keep our younger generation away from the sin of sexual immorality, we, the adult have to take a step forward to educate them about it. We have to take responsibility to help them and abstain themselves from it.

So everyone should be very careful in taking right decision in a very crucial moment of life.

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