Is India Really Free From Child Labour

Children are the greatest gift of God. But are we giving the right value to this precious gift, Is The World Really Free From  Child Labour, Is India Really Free From Child Labour.

Children are the ones with tender and loving heart. They keep no ill thinking and hatred in them. If annoyance grasps them, it lasts for only few hours. As soon as the days go by, the annoyance fades away. That’s why we said “We should be like a child”. If everyone has hearts like that of a child—-hatred, jealousy and ill thinking will cease its existence.

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Children are the future of our family, society and county. So, to have a developed country, society and family, we need to develop our child. The base of our country, society and family are our children, so we really need to focus on them. But do we really focus on the development of our children? If we were conscious about it and would have taken this issue seriously, we would not see a child working in factories, homes and shops. We would not see a child being employed around us.

The most important issue which we really need to take care of is the Child Labor. The dream of having India as a developed country will fulfill someday, if we deal this issue very carefully. It is not just a Government factor, it is a “Me Factor” . “I” have to deal with it in a serious manner than shall our country get freed from the issue of child labour.

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There is a reason for every happening. In the same way, for child labour too, there are various causes.


This is the most important cause which results in child labor. If the family’s economic condition is not fine the children of the family usually happen to be drop- out from the school. These drop-out children have nothing to do than to work for the one time meal of their family. The drop -out from rural areas usually work in the field with their parents to earn. The drop -out from the urban areas usually work in the factories and as domestic helper. The money they earn, they spent for the one time meal of their family. These child labors are usually paid low and are asked to work more.


In some of the under-developed societies, children especially girls are not allowed to study more. They rarely go to school. These children help their parents at home. If these children have more than two siblings, the elder child usually earn for the family.

There are many issues which results in the child labour. These child labours really have to toil hard to earn for their families. They are paid less and they harassed more. Some of these children are also bonded labourers. The poor families who find hard to feed themselves give their children as bonded labours just for some amount of money.

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To every happening there is a solution. So, this issue of child labour too has a solution.


We have to erode this issue from its root and for that each and every single person in the society has to deals with it seriously. If each and every person says “NO” to child labor, then none of the child of our country has to face this deadly issue of child labour. They will free from the poison of child labour.


the schemes of government should work inclusively. If all the children are inclusively benefited from the schemes of the government for their upliftment, the matter of child labour will vanish in reality. The government who brings forth the schemes for the goodness of children should also take care that these schemes are inclusive in nature. They should verify each and every case. The schemes should not only act as a vote bank but should in reality work for the betterment of the poorer family.

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So, if each and every member of the society as well as the government works together for the erosion of child labor from our society, this matter will really uproot itself from the society. We should not blame only the government or the family for the cause of child labour but should work for the upliftment of all children. We should kill the selfishness within us to let a child live his/her life to the fullest. Only “We” being can change our society.

Let’s help a child to build his/her future which eventually will strengthen the society and the country. Help these children too to fulfill their dreams of standing high in the society. We have to change ourselves, let’s have child like heart, which knows the language of love and care. Join our hand to work for the betterment of each and every child of our society. Let’s give a chance to this under privilege child to live their life as a child too.


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