Impact Of Social Media On Youth

Before we discuss about the Impact Of Social Media On Youth or Effects Of Social Media On Youth first we have to know What exactly is Social Media? Just another term used for sites or apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Plus, etc?

Well, if that’s what you consider Social Media as, with you I beg to differ.

Social Media is a kind of technology or a platform that helps to interact and make it easier to share one’s creation, information, ideas and any other forms of expression via Virtual Communities and networks. It may be through mobile, tablet, computer in the form of audio, video, writing etc.

The above definition not only suggests some random apps one uses for their own entertainment, but also sites like Google, Quora, Wikipedia etc. from where one can gain knowledge and share ideas. Not only those, shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. also are considered as part of social media.

Impacts Of Social Media On Youth

Now coming to certain facts regarding Influence or Impact, Impact is nothing but the capacity to have an effect on the characteristics of something or someone! So, what exactly is the Impact of Social Media On Youth?

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, once said,
“People Influence People”

Social media today has become a prominent part of people and mostly the youth. I personally use Social media for more than 3 hours a day. So one can certainly say that social media has a heavy influence on youth.

In this article, I am going to write on the Impact Of Social Media On Youth from both the aspects i.e.

1. Positive Impact Of Social Media On Youth
2. Negative Impact Of Social Media On Youth

To begin with,

1. Positive Impact Of Social Media On Youth:

Talking from an optimistic point of view. There are some ways, which causes Positive Effects Of Social Media On Youth.

Lets say, Education:

Sites like Google, Youtube, Quora etc. appeal as well as help students at times a lot more than their texts or teachers do. Students can easily collaborate with their peers via this platforms at any hour of the day and solve their problems.
Certain programs like Khan Academy and Byjus’ have developed the state of education system via Social media.
Well, I am mentioning this too, because they are my personal favorite, there are others like Extramarks and SWAYAM Classes as well! One can always share assignments, project ideas, etc. via mail, WhatsApp, and what not and can get more educated, provided they wish to off course.

Next I would like to mention Relationships:

If asked, I would like to point that social media helps to build certain business oriented relationships by :
1)Engaging with the audience.
2)Providing value via constant posts and answers.
3)Using hashtags to find potential customers and build relations.

Coming to effects of social media on youth in relationships, for personal users rather than business,
1.Wanna talk to mother face to face Opens Skype
2.Wanna chat with your partner
Opens WhatsApp
Making unknown people friends via social media is also an upside.

Next in line are those Job Opportunities:

With heavy use of social media by the youth, recruiters recruit many candidates via social media:

Employers find their employee and Employee to find their employers via Social media like Linkedin, Facebook, etc.
Sites like avails enormous amount of Job opportunities for today’s youth. Or sites like helps one pay their bills by freelancing.

Another aspect of social media is that one can always stay in touch with the world.
Believe it or not, though social media seems to disconnect people from the surrounding. It connect’s people to the world.
World news reaches in seconds after incidents via social media with the speed of light.
Live streaming of events via Facebook Live or Instagram Live connects the people all around the world. Important people who can’t afford to come to a small ceremony due to some reason can see these ceremonies via social media.

And now, the controversial ones, influence to ones personal growth.

First of all, This part can be considered from both perspectives: Positive and Negative.

* Impact Of Social Media On Youth in pictures :

In a world where looking cool in pictures and selfies on social media has more importance than being a genuine person, people tend to make their body look cool. To make a body look cool people workout, join Gyms, engage in physical activities, etc.

Hence, Influence of social media on youth not only affects the mind but also help them build a physical structure.

* Effect of social media in e-commerce:

Similar to influence for the workout, influence of social media as e-commerce can be divided into Both perspectives.
Consequently, Talking from an optimistic point of view influence of social media as e-commerce can be :

People can buy things while riding back home from offices rather than spending 2-3 hours in the market.
Specifically, in the generation of youths where “Time is the most valuable asset” e-commerce sites like Amazon helps youth to innovate and invent providing time.
More choices of books, electronics, and other stuff is a plus point. For eg. If I don’t get a book from the nearby bookstore, Flipkart will have it.

In conclusion, from an optimistic point of view, Impact Of Social Media On Youth have positive results.

Now, talking from a pessimistic point of view,

2. Negative Impact Of Social Media On Youth :

Talking from a pessimistic point of view, there are plenty examples of what can be considered Negative Effects Of Social Media On Youth!

Lets begin with how being a member of fads affect one:

As an active member of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Quora, etc. I have seen today’s youth who probably are 100% of our future being a part of fads like,

a)Justin Beiber is a woman or Gay.
b)Posts like “How can a gun float in the air if there is no God?. Checkmate atheists!” when you can clearly see John Cena holding it.
c)Sending a request of Candy Crush or 8 ball pool.
d)Photos and posts starting with “Keep calm” which at times make me lose my calm.

In conclusion, if you are being a part of this fads, stop it because you never know who the next fads you come across is about! It may be none but you!

Now lets talk about,

Social media’s effects on physical fitness:

Contrary to How Social media forces you to be fit, it also makes you lazy as shit.

Let me tell you my story how it affects fitness. I got my first smartphone before 2 years from now and that have affected me physically:

Before having a smartphone I use to go out and play in open grounds, sit out in the fresh air and enjoy cool breeze during summer nights, sit under the tree and talk with friends. Playing outside didn’t make some sort of six packs but I had quite a good stamina in those days.

After getting a smartphone:

It’s been nearly 5 years since I have my facebook account. Nowadays, if my friends call me to stall outside I would ignore them by some excuses. I would watch a new video on youtube rather than walk outside. Terrible, isn’t it?

Although, social media helps me mentally at the expense of physical fitness, the influence of social media on youth ‘s life can depend on how you see it.

Since I have already talked about the other half, I would now state the,

Negative effects of e-commerce:

Although e-commerce has own advantages like enormous options, 24-7-365 services, saving time, etc. Youths today use this e-commerce sites to buy unnecessary fancy things like, Ooh! Robert Downey Jr. wears that watch. Let me buy one.Or WoW, that’s brand new earphone. Let’s buy one!

I personally believe, people unaware of real price and authenticity of the product can be tricked through e-commerce. Other issues like privacy, security of debit cards, etc. can also be considered in negative influence of e-commerce on youth.

Next comes Identity theft, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying :

Identity Theft:

Youngsters unaware of privacy settings posts their identity on any kind of social media and can easily be a victim of Identity Theft. Hence, the risk of disclosing personal information is always there on social media. One’s personal information can be used to make fake accounts on the internet and much more as a result. So, stay aware!


The stalking term means “Pursue or follow stealthily” and doing this via social media and internet is called Cyberstalking.

For eg: You are sitting in a restaurant and posted it on ‘Twitter’ probability of your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend to show up will increase. And that would be weird, won’t it?. That’s for the fun but let’s consider this example, You posted “Eating pizza at XYZ with family ” and a thief is cyber stalking you and he came to know. So at that time while you are eating Pizza happily, the thief is probably raiding your house. As Simple As That.


Criminals can threat other peoples for doing their work or giving money via social media like Messengers or WhatsApp. This kind of Bullying via social media is called Cyberbullying.

To Conclude, wrapping up all the Impact Of Social Media On Youth, I would state that one can use social media in any way they want. Impact of social media on youth will always depend on how one use and think about Social media. Effects of social media on me is that I use social media for entertainment, knowledge and Marketing. For what do you use it, isn’t my call but yours to answer!

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