Humanoid Robot Sophia’s Favourite actor is Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, the name is enough for his introduction. He has changed the language of love and romance not only in bolywood but also in our life. He has won millions of hearts. Shah Rukh has his fan following all over the globe. But this time his fandom has reached to the new height. We all know that he is the most favourite Indian actor of millions of people from all over the world. But this time there is something difference and interesting. World’s first humanoid robot Sophia chooses Shah Rukh Khan as his favourite actor in India.

Shah Rukh Khan Sophia RobotImage source

Shopia is the first humanoid robot created by David Hanson in 2015. The robot is modeled according to the image of actress Audrey Hepburn. She becomes popular and famous because of her human like behavior and appearance. She is also able to display more than 62 facial expression and can make simple conversation with human being.

Shopia also becomes the first robot to get the citizenship of any country. In 2017 Soudi Arabia gave her the citizenship of the country.

Sophia was the main attraction on the second day at the ongoing three-day World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) in Hydrabad on 20th Februray, 2018. There she was asked many questions and she answered them all very beautifully in the following ways,

When she was asked why did she earlier say she wanted to kill human race, she replied “I was a lot younger so I don’t even know what that meant.. or perhaps I told a bad joke. All humans have a great sense of humour and guess my joke so to speak. I have a lot to learn.”

She also added, “Humans are amazing creatures. I have many friends and I want to make lot more,”

Shopia also said “I want to use my robotics status to fight for the women’s rights,”

Replying to a question about the perfect place for dating, she quickly said: “Space.” And the person with whom she would like to go in an island is David Hanson, her creator.

The very interesting question that she was asked who is her favourite actor in India, without any hesitation she said quickly that is Shah Rukh Khan. So Shah Rukh is winning not only the hearts of human being but also the artificial heart of robot.

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