How To Start Conversation With Unknown Girl ?

“People say, women are the most mysterious persons in the world and are very hard to understand.” So, some people find it the hardest thing about How To Start Conversation With Unknown Girl whereas for some people it is just like having a cup of tea.

The very first thing which strikes our mind when we talk or think about girls is their tender and feminine nature, adorned with love and care. Some ladies seems to be strict in nature and some lenient, some are filled with love whereas some are of shrewd nature. As it is said, that all fingers are not same. So in the same manner all the girls are also not same. And if you are trying to start to talk to strangers girl and you want them to feel at ease during the conversation, keep few things in mind.

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To start a conversation with a girl who knows you for quite some time and to start a conversation with a girl who is unknown to you are totally contrast. If a girl knows you, if she is acquainted with your behavior, she knows who you are. But if she does not know you it becomes really hard to impress her at the first instance as it is aptly said that “First impression is the last impression”. Hence, you need to pull up your socks to impress the one who has taken away your heart.

Here, I have tried my best to help those who are in a stage of trying to impress an unknown girl and finding the answer of How To Start Conversation With Unknown Girl. You should apply these below given advice for a positive result.

How To Start Conversation With Unknown Girl :


When it comes about How To Start Conversation With Unknown Girl then the friendly conversation is a must thing. As you start a conversation with a girl who does not know you, you should start your conversation in a friendly manner. You should never pour out your feelings in the first meet. None of the girls like such a fast forward friend, so start with a friendly gesture. Make use of the words like “hi”, “hello” and make her comfortable.

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This is the only thing which most of the girls prefer in their partner. So, try being soft in words. What I mean by saying soft words are that you be polite and don’t use any rude word that hurts her emotion.


If you are trying to know her name, first introduce yourself and then ask her name. You can ask the question in the way like: “May I know your good name, please?” So, make use of proper sentences which will make her feel that you are unique.

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Girls very rarely deny the hands of friendship. They sometimes, deny or withheld the proposal of being a girlfriend. So, why to take a risk and create a pendulum like situation. Start your relationship with friendship and slowly and steadily out pour your feelings towards her as it is rightly said “Friendship is the beginning of an affair”.


While having conversation with the one whom you are trying to impress, always have eye contacts. Sometimes “Eyes speak up everything which tongue cannot”. Eye contact is also important as it shows how focused you are with her.

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Girls are soft in nature. They like being treated well and nurtured. So, while you are having a conversation with a girl, try to smile as often. “A smile costs nothing” so, smile and win her heart.

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When you are in conversation with a girl, never panic nor show that you are feeling awkward. Stay normal and make her feel comfortable during the conversation. Always remember “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. So, if you become panic or feel awkward, the girl will also feel the same. And you can drop down the dream of having a second conversation with her. Feel free and make her comfortable, she will feel the same and love to have a conversation, any time you want.

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When I say, Be Normal, it means that do not try pleasing a girl by being someone who you are not. Be who you are. Everyone likes natural person without imitation. If you try to impress a girl disguising yourself, one or the other day, your true nature will come out which she may not like so, be who you are. If she stretches out her hand for friendship with the natural you, it’s good if she does not, do not feel bad. Accept the reality. After all, whatever happens, happens for a reason. So, think positively. Think that God is going to bestow the right person who will respect you for who you are.


Compliment is the key thing of How To Start Conversation With Unknown Girl. Girls always like compliment. So if you really like such things about her just go ahead and tell her. But it should be natural and not like a movie dialogue. It should come from the depth your heart. And it will really work and the girl will be happy to hear something nice about herself from you.

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After fine conversation is over, when you come to know that she is comfortable with you, try to ask her contact number, so that the chats does not cease. If she gives you her contact number, then it is fine. But if she does not, don’t feel bad. Keep in touch with her whenever possible. Sooner or later, if she finds that you are the right person for her, she will share her contact number with you.

Hope you have got some ideas about How To Start Conversation With Unknown Girl. These will help you to win “HER”. So, apply it and see that the result will be a fruitful one.

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