How To Conceive A Baby Boy

Nowadays many couples before conceiving a baby they plan first to have a boy or a girl child as their first baby. There are many couples who want to conceive a baby boy as their first child. And start to find the answers, How To Conceive A Boy, How To have A Baby Boy, How To Conceive A Baby Boy Fast etc. Here are some tips that can help you in finding your answer of How To Get A Baby Boy or How To Make A Baby Boy. So lets start.

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How Sex Chromosome Works :

The sex chromosomes present in females have two of same type (XX); while in males have two distinct sex chromosomes (XY). While having sex male sperm, release X or Y chromosomes and fertilizes with female egg which helps to make pregnant with a boy or a girl. To have a baby boy (XY) is needed, while to have a girl (XX) is needed. 

Right Time To Have Sex For How To Conceive A Baby Boy :

If you want to know that How To Conceive A Baby Boy then the correct time to have a sex is before the ovulation. A day or 24 hrs before the ovulation if sex happen than it’s confirm to have a boy because the Y chromosome of man swims faster than the female X chromosome to fertilize the egg.

           If 2-3 days before ovulation sex is done than the male sperm survive less and it may die off by leaving more female sperm to fertilize the egg which have very less chance to have a baby boy or there will be no chance of having it at all.

So, to be in safer side to have a baby boy the sex should be done a day before the ovulation.

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Different Styles Of Intercourse For How To Conceive A Baby Boy :

There are different styles of intercourse. But the following sex position is very helpful for How To Conceive A Baby Boy.

1. Doggy Style – Be in a position of dog by resting hand and leg on four. And let your partner to insert his penis from backside for deep penetration. As you know male sperm swims faster but they don’t live as long as females do so, having sex and letting the penis to insert from back takes less distance to travel and male sperm get deposited closer to the cervix.

You can check How To Conceive A Baby Girl.

2. Standing Up- To conceive a boy tries standing up sex. Both the partner should stand and have sex for deep penetration which has an advantage to give the faster male sperm and swims against to fertilize the egg.

3. Straddling- Female should try straddling by letting her partner to penetrate by keeping her upon him for a deep penetration. Where male sperm get closer to the uterus.

4. Female should have an orgasm before sex because female orgasm creates an alkaline environment in the vagina that helps boy sperm to survive longer and support to conceive a boy.

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Things Should Be Remembered For How To Conceive A Baby Boy :

Nothing can be gained easily. So if you really want to know about How To Conceive A Baby Boy then you must remember the following things.

1. Before having a sex make your man to drink coffee or chocolate. Which increase the chances of getting pregnant with a boy because may be the caffeine gets those little guys swim faster.

2. Make your man to wear boxers rather than tight fitted underwear. Because boy sperm hate heat, so wearing boxers may help your man to keep things cool and breezy.

3. Avoid taking hot bath or hot tubs. Try to keep testis cool.

4. Foods to be taken:-

         (a) Women should eat right and eat like a man but should avoid those foods which is rich in acidic like orange, lime, etc.

        (b) Avoid dairy products or food like milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and ice-cream. Eat more foods which contain potassium and sodium like bananas, broccoli, potatoes, strawberries, spinach, brussel sprouts contains potassium. Whereas salty snacks contains sodium in higher level.

       (c) Eat more fruits and veggies.

      (d) Eat cereals in breakfast which improves chances of conceiving a baby boy. Because in cereals it contains vitamin, minerals, calories and nutrient which helps to increase to generate male sperm and chances of a baby boy improves.

   (e) Add mushrooms to your daily diet if you are planning to conceive a baby boy.

   (f) Glucose present in body in higher level can improve to conceive a baby boy. But don’t take more sweets to increase the glucose level otherwise it can cause from other such health diseases.

5. Avoid alcohol/smoking.

6. In some female alkaline level is less so to increase the level of alkaline they should eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

7. The food where potassium and sodium is present in large amount will help to sustain the travelling of male sperm through the cervical mucus to favor the fertilization of the egg by sperm carrying the Y chromosome which support the development of a baby boy.

8. Overall add such food in your diet which is rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients (example; consume these following foods to conceive a boy: broccoli, cabbage, pumpkin, lettuce, cauliflower, raspberries, watermelon and strawberries).

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9. Get a good ovulation kit for 3 months to check the period of ovulation.

10. Some researchers believe that taking a daily supplement of Evening Primrose Oil boosts the chances of conceiving a boy.

11. The thing has to be take care is the health by taking right thing at right time.

          The things mention above is how to conceive a baby boy naturally without under medication which is also safe and healthy process. So believe in Almighty God and try these above methods whichever is suitable or convincing for you to get pregnant with a boy.                                                                      

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