How To Become An Optometrist

Optometry refers to a profession that specializes in eye care. But have you any idea about How To Become An Optometrist, Optometrist Qualification, Optometrist Degree, Optometrist Education etc. A person who practices optometry is referred to as an optometrist. An optometrist refers to a person who helps other people with eye problems. Different from an ophthalmologist who conducts eye surgeries, or an optician who aids people in selection of eye lenses, an optometrist majors in prescription of the accurate lenses and the necessary medication to avoid causing more harm to the eyes. In this article we will focus about how to become an optometrist.

How To Become An Optometrist
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How To Become An Optometrist :

Becoming an optometrist is a process that requires a lot of learning and dedication. And if you have interest about How To Become An Optometrist then read this article carefully. In order to become a qualified and effective optometrist, it is important for one to go through the following steps:

Get a bachelor’s degree:

This is a requirement in becoming an optometrist. You have to undertake a bachelor’s degree programme in science or in pre-med prior to enrolling to an optometry program. The essence of undertaking this degree is to prepare yourself for med school. As a number of schools that offer optometry programmes require one to have basic knowledge of Chemistry, Maths, Biology, English and also Physics which are a basic coursework in a pre-med program.

Gain experience through bench marking:

Like in other fields, the one way to get experience in a specific field is through shadowing. You get an opportunity of engaging with other qualified optometrists at work. Watching them go about their daily work helps you to learn more, to get experience and also to determine if that is really what you want to do and to determine if that is where your passion lies.

Undertake a Optometry program doctory:

This is a fourcourse program that helps you to be better equipped to become an optometrist. The knowledge acquired over the years together with the experience gained both in the classroom and in the field that is in clinics help you to perfect your skills and advance what you have already learnt in pre-med school. One should take this program in certified optometry schools to ensure to get quality education and standard experience.

Ensure you do well in the Optometry Admission Test:

The OAT (optometry admission test) is a test in order to test your scientific knowledge as well as your reasoning skills and to test how much you can remember from your optometry program. These Optometry Admission Tests offers annually at Prometric Test Centres. And it is to determine who qualifies to enroll in optometry programs and who does not qualify. It is important that you perform exemplary well in the test. So don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it or for guidance when you encounter difficulties in the course of your study for the test.

The licencing test:

It is mandatory in every state to undertake this exam in order to be allowed to practice optometry. The licencing test will take after completion of a program in Doctor of Optometry. And only then does one get a licence to practice optometry. In addition to that, one requires to take another test that is inclusive of both written and clinical parts. And that is provided by the national board of professionals. In other states, it is a requirement to do an extra test prior to acquiring an optometry licence there.

Renewal of licence:

In order to renew an optometry licence, one needs to keep learning and gaining more knowledge in order to meet certain requirements of licence renewal. In some states such as the United States, the optometrists have to continually take classes in order to keep their licences updated.

Make an informed decision whether to join a practice or begin your own practice:

In order to become a great optometrist, it is important to work alongside one before deciding to venture on your own. Working alongside someone more experienced gives you a chance to learn more and to perfect the skills you already have. You can apply for jobs using the networks you gained while studying or while working at the early stages of your career.

Postgraduate residency program:

This is an optional requirement. It is however important to advance in your studies in order to make yourself more marketable in the outside world. This program lasts one year and can be done upon completion of the four-year degree program. It is a residency program for specialization that involves specializations in ocular diseases, pediatric optometry, family practice as well as geriatric optometry. The Accreditation Council on Optometric Education, the ACOE should approve these residency programs.

Certification by a national organization:

It is an added advantage if you get certified by a national organization. Because it increases your chances of getting better jobs. In order to do this, one needs to meet certain regulations and be passionate about optometry. This also helps one to get expertise knowledge and certain privileges in the job market. And in the long run have a satisfying and a well-paying career.

In conclusion it has to say that if you are passionate about your choice then go ahead. Hope you have got some ideas about your query How To Become An Optometrist. Now choose your career wisely.

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