How To Become A Midwife

A midwife refers to a person who has been professionally trained to aid women during the birthing process. And if you have interest in this profession then you must find about How To Become A Midwife. Midwives are involve with labour, delivery and postpartum aid. They can help deliver babies at home, at birthing centres and in hospitals depending on the preferences of the expectant mother. It is however not advisable to employ the services of a midwife when giving birth to twins. Midwives are best useful when the pregnancy has no complications and a twin pregnancy may have a lot of such complications. It is only when there is a supervising doctor that one can use midwifery when giving birth to twins.

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Before know about How To Become A Midwife or How To Be Midwife, it is necessary to know about the types of midwifes that exit. There are various training levels for midwives. There are certified midwives, certified nurse midwives, lay midwives and also certified nurse midwives. All these midwives have different credentials and have the obligation to provide birthing services to expectant mothers regardless of their levels of education or other credentials. Midwives involves in the provision of family planning and pre and post-partum care. They can also give mothers advice regarding diet, medications and other ways to stay healthy. They also do the task with educating the expectant mothers and providing counsel in relation to the pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

How To Become A Midwife :

In order to become a midwife, there are certain requirements you must meet depending on the type of midwife you want to become. So lets start about How To Become A Midwife in details.

Education requirements:

Prospective nurse midwives: To become a prospective nurse midwife, you need to enroll in a program that is certified by Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education. Those who are enrolled in this program actively participate in health assessment,complications management, pharmacology, nursing research and also normal pregnancy care.

Certified nurse midwives: To become a certified nurse midwife, you need to have a master’s degree in nurse midwifery. This means that you also have to hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing and have some experience as a working registered nurse.

Nurse midwives: To become a nurse midwife you have to be initially registered as a nurse. For certified midwives to become nurse midwives, they have to take a master’s program in midwifery. They also require to take additional courses in medical sciences and health skills. This is because they lack a background in nursing.


There are different certifications one requires to meet depending on the type of midwife you want to be. One can does this certification via a certifying agency. The American Midwifery Certification Board involves in the certification of Certified nurse midwives and certified midwives. The certified prospective midwives are certified by the North American Registry of Midwives. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies is responsible for accrediting both certifying agencies. In order for a midwife to get certified, they need to graduate from a well-recognized program in midwifery. For CPMs, it is through completion of an accredited program or doing well in a portfolio evaluation test that they can be certified.


For a midwife to practice in any state, she requires to have a valid licence. In order to obtain a midwifery licence, CNMs must possess a licence as a registered nurse. They also require to finish an accredited program in nurse midwifery. Additionally, passing the national board licencing exam is mandatory. The requirements to obtain midwifery licences however differ with states. While in some states the acquisition of a licence is mandatory for practice, in other states it is completely voluntary.

Period of study:

In order to become a midwife, you require around 8 years. These years can be split as four to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a year as a nurse to get experience and three in a midwifery program. Becoming a certified midwife however may take less than 8 years. This is because one does not need the nursing experience for this sort of midwifery. Becoming a certified prospective nurse however takes around 5 years and has the shortest duration of study.

Earnings and basic salary:

Midwifery is a very important and sensitive job. The average earnings of a midwife are around $3500 for every birth. Averagely, midwives earn around $97,000 annually as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is however not fix as the earnings depend on the number of births there are that year and the location of the births as well as the experience of the midwife.

Future prospects of midwifery:

The employment of midwives is expecting to grow rapidly in the next 10 years as a result of the increasing rate of mortality. The improved healthcare is also a reason that can be attributed to this stipulated growth.

As now you have ideas about How To Become A Midwife but Becoming a midwife does not have to be the end of your career. You can further your studies by taking a doctoral program to advance your education. This will give you a privilege over other midwives in the job market and also reflects well on your payslip.

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