How To Become A Doula

In order to successfully deliver a baby, one requires all the help she can get. A doula is that person who acts as a companion and supports a mother pre and post-partum. And here we will discuss about the process of How To Become A Doula. A doula is not really a medic but someone who is emotionally and physically available to the mother during birth period. Also, a doula can be emotionally supportive to the mother’s partner and her family if the need arises.

How To Become A Doula
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How To Become A Doula :

For one to become a doula, they must be trained professionally in matters regarding childbirth. This is to ensure that they are proficient when providing the required care to the mother. The doula is meant to ensure that the birth experience is safe, memorable and empowers the mother. This person aids in providing educational, emotional and physical aid during the pregnancy, during labour and also after birth.  Other names used in reference to a doula are, a birth couch,a birth companion or a post birth supporter.

There are different types of doulas today. There are miscarriage doulas, post-partum doulas, antepartum doulas and also birth doulas. All doulas have different job descriptions based on their specialities.

In order to become a certified licenced doula, there are certain requirements that one needs to meet. So lets discuss about How To Become A Doula or How To Be A Doula.

Plan on what type of doula you want to be:

Before you search about how to become a doula, in order to pursue a profession as a doula you have to establish whether you want to work as a birth, a miscarriage or a post-partum doula. The role of the birth doula is to be supportive during the birth process. The process of giving birth is very delicate and its thus important to handle it with utmost care. The antepartum doula helps those mothers who are having difficulties with their pregnancies and who are mostly in bed rest as a matter of risky pregnancies. The postpartum doula on the other hand aids mothers who have just given birth in nursing the new born. You can achieve this through teaching mothers how best to breastfeed their babies, to learn the sleeping cycles of babies are and also how to keep babies calm.

There is also another type of doulas called the adoptive doula. These ones work in liaison with the mother and the adoptive family. The work of the adoptive doula is to ensure that the two parties relate well and that there is no conflict between them. The miscarriage or the loss doula is another type of doula. This one helps families and especially mothers who have suffered miscarriages deal well with this loss. Providing emotional support helps reduce the trauma caused by the loss of a child.

Get formal doula training:

It is not mandatory to get training in order to work as a doula. It is however important in order to get skills related to childbirth. The knowledge that one already has is complemented through training. This training also helps a doula to get clients easily to work for as the trained doulas are regarded as professionals. One can acquire such training at such a location as DDNA International.

Choosing a doula organization:

In order to determine which doula organization is best for you, it is important to read through the requirements of joining each. These organizations include the International Doula Institute, the DDNA International, the Birth Arts and also the CAPPA.

Enroll as a member of a doula organization:

In order to join a doula organization, you may be require to pay a certain fee. Every organization has its standard fee for attaining membership. You can start by filling some paper work to ensure that the membership is legit before committing to become a member. After this you can attend a workshop to gain more knowledge in your organization of choice.

Provide services to clients:

This is after attending workshops and satisfactorily presenting proof that you have successfully finished the program. You can now proceed to getting clients to work for in order to demonstrate your skills in the field. Different organizations have different requirements on the number of clients you need to take up to be considered a qualified doula. For DDNA for instance, it is 3 clients.

Get certified:

After all this, you need to be certified as a competent doula in order to be able to practice. Getting certified also helps one to get credibility and to be respected in the profession as  well as increase marketability. It is important to satisfy the organization in which you are a doula member that you are qualified in order to get certification. This allows you to begin getting your own clients to work with and to get more work experience.

As you come to know how to become a doula but to become a great doula, you need to have excellent interrelation skills to be able to relate well even with difficult mothers. You need to also be physically fit to enable mothers go through pre and postpartum successfully and healthily.

As doulas earn an average of $30,000 annually, it is important to find other means to compliment your income. One can do this through provision of extra services to the clients and their families.

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