How Did Hollywood Get Its Name ?

As soon as we come across the word “Hollywood” we usually think of a district of Los Angeles, California popularly known all over the world for American cinema, as Mumbai is for Bollywood. But do you ever thought How Did Hollywood Get Its Name ? Here I am going to explore some interesting facts behind the origin of its name.

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Meaning From Dictionary:

(Noun) a district of Los Angeles long associated with the American film industry.

Origin Of The Word “Hollywood” :

There has been numerous stories related to the origin of the word “Hollywood” but till date none of the stories has proved to be a true one. The stories related to the coining of the word “Hollywood” are cooked up by the people and are more or less just the assumption.

Some say that a special kind of tree called “Holly” which is famous for Christmas berries grow in abundance in the region, so the name has been given to the region.

Some say that the druids were tree worshippers, the holly tree were the sacred one. It was the symbol of the Goddesses Holle. The branches of these holly trees were used as magical wands. Hence, source of these magical wands itself was named as Hollywood.

Some say that H.J. Whitely, who is known as the Father of Hollywood, was once standing at the peak of a hill, where he encountered a foreigner carrying wood. This man in his heavy accent told Whitley that he was “hauling wood” but Whitley heard him saying “Hollywood”. Hearing this Whitley made up his mind to name this new land “Hollywood”.

Till today, the actual reason for naming of Hollywood is unknown. Though all the above stories are just rumors and assumptions but the word Hollywood is famously known all over the world.

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