Hiccups-Causes And Method To Stop It


Scientifically, it is caused by involuntary contractions of the muscles of the diaphragm. It is also caused by the irritation of nerves extending from neck to chest.

Superstitiously it is thought that when someone thinks about us or when someone talks about us, we suffer from hiccups.

Causes of irritation of the nerves:

anxiety, stress, swallowing air, smoking, eating at faster pace, some of the medicines, strokes etc. may be the reason.

Actual reason:

We hear the sound of hiccup when the contractions of the muscles are repeated. During the contraction, the opening between the vocal cords shuts and stops the flow of air from entering the vocal pipe.

How can we stop it?

  1. It can be stopped by drinking water. Water supplies oxygen and hence fill up the vacuum area in the vocal cord. Hence reduces the hiccup.
  2. Breathing long also supplies oxygen where there is insufficient flow of it. Hence reduces it.
  3. If it still continues and lasts for more days, visit doctor and take medication. Hiccups for long duration are fatal for our health. It will cut the flow of air and may cause death.

Next time when you suffer from hiccups do not get mistaken thinking that some near ones is thinking about you, take proper care and work accordingly.

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