Here Is The List Of Top 10 Highest Paid Sports Persons In The World

Every year Forbes publish a list of World’s 100 highest paid athletes and here I am going to write about Top 10 Highest Paid Sports Person In The World in the year 2018.

10. Matthew Stafford :

Matthew Stafford has came in the number of 10 among the World’s 100 highest paid athletes. He is an American footballer and his earning is $59.5 Million.

Matthew StaffordImage source

9. Matt Ryan :

Matt Ryan is also from America and play in a quarterback position in football. His earning is $67.3 Million.

Matt RyanImage source

8. Stephen Curry :

The America Basketball player, Stephen Curry is in the 8th position among Top 10 Highest Paid Sports Person In The World. His earning is $76.9 Million.


Stephen CurryImage source

7. Roger Federer :

Roger Federer is a professional Tennis player and he is from Switzerland. His earning is $77.2 Million.


Roger FedererImage source

6. LeBorn James :

Another basketball player is in the 6th position and he is also from America. His earning is $85.5 Million.

LeBorn JamesImage source

5. Neymar :

Neymar is a Brazillian football or soccer player. His earning is $73 Million.

NeymarImage source

4. Conor McGregor :

Conor McGregor is a boxer and mixed Martial Artist. He is an Irish. His earning is $99 Million.

Conor McGregorImage source

3. Cristiano Ronaldo :

If there are two names in the latest football history, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them. He is a profession football player and plays for Portugal National Team. He also plays for Real Madrid, the Spanish Football Club. His earning is $108 Million.

Cristiano RonaldoImage source

2. Leonel Messi :

There are very few in the world who does not know the name of Lionel Messi. He is one of the best football players of the world of all time. He is an Argentine football player and also plays for Spanish Club Barcelona. His earning is $111 Million.

Lionel MessiImage source

1. Floyd Mayweather :

Floyd Mayweather comes in the top number among Top 10 Highest Paid Sports Person In The World. He is an America professional boxing promoter and player. His earning is $285 Million.

Floyd MayweatherImage source

So this is the list of Top 10 Highest Paid Sports Person In The World in the year 2018. And among the 10 the 5 persons are from America. Hope yo will be glad to see your favourite athlete among the above list.

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