Here Is How Our Bollywood Celebrities Wishes On Mother’s Day

A single day cannot pay such a value what a mother deserves. But though there is a custom in our society that we dedicate and celebrate a particular day every year to show our gratitude and wishes to our mother. And thats why every year we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Here are some wishes of our bollywood celebrities who greets to their mother in a beautiful and lovely way.

The Khiladi of Bollywood Akshay kumar wishes his mother in this way,

“As the Sun sets in our Home, the Light within us Shines because of this very Woman. Our Mom!! Our Hero!! and reason for Eternal Sun Shine!! Happy Mother’s Day”

Happy Mother's Day

Katrina Kaif wishes her mother in this way,

“Happy Mother’s Day…. the best example of positivity, selflessness, and generosity❤”

Happy Mother's Day

Abhishek Bachchan just posted one of his cute childhood picture with her mamma to wish her Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother's Day

Aliaa Bhhat simply posted a picture with her mother and wishes her very beautifully,

“Hello beautiful mommy. It’s your day. Today & everyday”

Happy Mother's Day

Varun Dhawan greets in a simple desi style,

“Happy Mother’s Day MA 💙💙💙💙”

Happy Mother's Day

Here is Shraddha Kapoor’s beautiful wishes for her mother,

“My world, heart beat and my soul song. Happy Mother’s Day Mommy. Today and everyday 💜”

Happy Mother's Day

Kajol wishes her mother very warmly as she herself always be in her personal life and also in her working life,

“My superpower, my life … MOM”

Happy Mother's Day

Mother is always a mother where she is a mother of a celebrity or a mother of a common person. She always dedicates her whole life for her family, her children, her husband and relatives. So always love and respect your mother. Because there is none in this world who can take such responsibility and can do such work what a mother does in her whole life. She is just invaluable, irreplaceable and beyond comparison. So always be with your parents, with your mother, Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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