Here Are The 10 Best Raees Dialogue That Are Very Beautifully Portrayed By SRK

Shah Rukh Khan starer Raees is a 2017 action-thriller film. The film was commercially successful and also got so much critical acclaim for the performance of both the actors. Shah Rukh Khan portrayed a criminal character and Nawazuddin Siddiqui was in the role of a cop. There are so many dialogues in this movie and you can really get goose bumps when you watch the movie every time. So here you will get the Raees Dialogue, The Best Raees Movie Dialogue that can encourage you to clap when you watch the movie.

Raees Dialogue, The Raees Film Dialogue :

Dialogue : 1

Jo Dhande Ke Liye Sahi Woh Sahi, Jo Dhande Ke Liye Galat Woh Galat, Isse Jada Kabhi Soncha Nahi.

Raees Dialogue

Dialogue : 2

Baniyen Ki Dimaag Our Mian Bhai Ki Daring.

Raees Dialogue

Dialogue : 3

Battery Nahi Bolne Ka.

Raees Dialogue

Dialogue : 4

Koi Bhi Dhanda Chhota Nahi Hota, Our Dhande Se Bada Koi Dharm Nahi Hota, Meri Aammi Jaan Kaheti Thi.

Raees Dialogue

Dialogue : 5

Raees Ne Hukum Me Jana Chhor Dia Hai, Ab Aapna Time Suru.

Raees Dialogue

Dialogue : 6

Gujraat Ki Hawa Mein Bepaar Hai Sahib, Meri Saans To Rokh Loge, Is Hawa Ko Kaise Rokoge.

Raees Dialogue

Dialogue : 7

Din Our Raat Logon Ke Hote Honge Majmudar Sahib, Sheron Ka Zamana Hota Hai.

Raees Dialogue

Dialogue : 8

Mohalla Bachate Bachate Saher Jala Diya.

Raees Dialogue

Dialogue : 9

Mai Dhanda Karta Hun, Mai Dharm Ka Dhanda Nahi Karta.

Raees Dialogue

Dialogue : 10

Mere Khoon Ke Afsos Ke Sath Ji Loge Majmudaar Sahib.

So these are the best Raees Dialogue and you can’t take your eyes off from any of them when you watch the movie. The movie is one of the best movies of Shah Rukh Khan. In this movie very brilliantly and beautifully he portrayed his character from beginning to the end. Shah Rukh Khan has kept a vivid impression of his acting and it will always keep the character Raees alive in our mind and heart.

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