Fun Things For Teens To Do

A teen is any person who is in the age bracket of thirteen and nineteen years. Teenagers find themselves with a lot of free time on their hands. Here are some Fun Things For Teens To Do. It is important for them to find ways to utilize this free time so that they don’t find themselves engaging in unhealthy activities. It is important for teens to be monitored on how they spend their free time during their adolescent years because this is the most sensitive stage of their lives.

Fun Things For Teens To Do

Fun Things For Teens To Do :

There are countless fun Things To Do With Teenagers or Fun Things For Teens To Do. And such things teenagers can do without necessarily putting themselves in harms way. Some of the Fun Things For Teens To Do in include the following.

Baking/ cooking complicated meals:

Baking and cooking can be a fun experience for teens. During their free time, teens can engage in cooking and baking contests and experiences. It can be a good way to bond, to pass time and also to learn new things. Teens can take turn preparing different meals, or trying to put together a complicated recipe. The experience is definitely fun filled and educative.

Yard sale/ sell junk:

Teens find themselves with a lot of junk. This is mostly as a result of binge shopping. As such, there is too much junk that is not used by anyone at the end of the day. Having a yard sale to sell stuff that is in the house can be a good activity for teens. Hold a yard sale for the things that are not being used by anyone and could be of use to other people. It is also a good way to make some extra cash to start being independent. It could be a good way to show their parents that they are slowly becoming responsible young adults.

Having a scream-a-thon:

Having a sleepover is fun especially if it is with your agemates. Teens can have a sleepover maybe on a Friday night and have some quality bonding time. The sleepover may be supervised or otherwise depending on the level of responsibility of the teens. They can have a scream-a-thon which is definitely fun and thrilling at the same time. This involves watching horror movies together, have a thrilling and fun experience together. Watching a scary movie together is a good way to spend an evening with your friends and definitely an experience worth the time.

Road trip:

Going on a road trip is another way for teens to spend their free time and have fun while at it. Road trips are fun experiences especially if they are of places that are unfamiliar to the parties involved. Teens can take a road trip and visit different places while having awesome experiences. It is a good way to spend time and also an opportunity to learn new things. It is also a way to make new friends and have new experiences.

Hike/ camp/ rock climbing:

There is definitely unlimited fun in taking hikes or rock climbing with your fellow peers. Teens can take up this activity and have fun together. Going on hikes and rock climbing is fun. They can also go for camping together. Camps are adventurous and definitely something teens should do together in their free time. They can go for an overnight camp or even for a week depending on the time and resources they have on their hands.

Community service:

Doing community service is also a way teens can spend their free time. It is fun as they do it together and also rewarding. Helping out doesn’t have to be financially rewarding but the satisfaction you get from knowing you did something good for someone is definitely worth the effort.

Garden/ pool party:

Holding parties is one of Fun Things For Teens To Do. Parties do not have to be a place of irresponsibility or dangers. Teens can hold parties, have fun and be responsible at the same time. Pool parties and garden parties are definitely worth venturing into. Teens can have fun, play games, eat, drink, make merry and tell stories during these parties.


Another fun things for teens to do is having picnics. Afternoon picnics to be specific are good especially along the beaches. Picnics are fun and relaxing at the same time. Teens can go on a picnic at the beach, chase each other on the beach and play all sort of games together.

Swimming competitions:

Swimming is fun especially in hot places. Teens can take advantage of hot weathers and summers to engage in this fun-filled activity. They can go swimming or have swimming competitions as a group. There is fun and also added experience as swimmers.


For a silent evening, star gazing definitely seems like something fun to do. Especially for young girls, star gazing can be quite the experience on a quiet night. Going out to watch the stars is relaxing and fun too.

There are many activities and Fun Things For Teens To Do together including watching classic old movies together, listening to music, attending concerts and dance competitions together. Teens can also go skydiving, surfing, ziplining and even holding eating competitions. There is no limit to what fun activities teens can do together, but they should be safe.

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