Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Having a bucket list is fun. It gives you something to look forward to and a reason to live another day. A bucket list does not however have to be all boring or serious stuff. If you have Crazy Bucket List Ideas then you can totally add a little fun, a little craziness and a little thrill to your bucket list. Make the experiences worth it by anticipating to do extraordinary things, things out of this world.

Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Crazy Bucket List Ideas :

The following are some crazy bucket list ideas that are the perfect mixture of funny bucket list ideas and creative bucket list ideas that you should consider:

Plan a surprise trip for an old friend:

People have been known to love surprises. You should consider planning a surprise trip for one of your friends. It doesn’t have to be your closest friend. You can plan a surprise trip for an old friend, it would be unexpected and they would definitely be shocked. The idea seems crazy especially if you have not seen that friend for a long time, but it is definitely worth doing.

Blind date:

Dating in the modern world tends to be taken with a lot of seriousness. You only go on a date with someone you know well, probably someone you are interested in. Imagine going on a blind date. The idea seems crazy. Your date may turn out to be a serial killer, a psycho or even a thief. He might also turn out to be quite the opposite. You might meet a very interesting person and you might actually have a lot of unexpected fun. The idea is risky, but isn’t that what life is all about? Taking risks?

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Unique Bucket List Ideas

Guy/girls trip:

Trips are fun, family trips for example can help with bonding among the members. A girls/guys trip however is definitely one idea that needs to be explored. Plan a trip with your girls/ guys. Tour the world, bond, reminisce about the past and have fun. People tend to lose their friends as each gets lost in their own lives and career building. It is important to find time to have a trip and come together with your old friends.

Be a bikini model for a day:

Crazy as this may sound, it might turn out to be fun filled. Many people are afraid of modelling, afraid of being the centre of attractions. There is a lot of discomfort especially to people who have low self-esteems. Being a bikini model is crazy especially if you have never modeled before,but it might turn out to be fun. Have it in your crazy bucket list ideas.

Eat something foreign and disgusting:

Eating foreign things does not really have to make it to a crazy bucket list ideas but eating something crazy and disgusting definitely does. Try a meal of tuna eyeballs, a bowl of white ant eggs soup or fermented salmon eggs. They should be disgusting, but fun does not have to be all sweet. Sometimes the less appealing things create the most fun. Sure, they would have you throwing up all over the place, but it would be worth it.

Wrapping a venomous snake on your body:

Snakes are friendly creatures but can be quite monstrous too. If you are looking for crazy bucket list ideas you should probably consider wrapping a venomous snake round your neck, or your wrist or your waste. It might bite you, you might die from the venom, that is what makes it a crazy idea.

Jumping off a high rock into the ocean:

If you are not afraid of heights you should definitely have this on your bucket list. Jumping off a cliff is fun, jumping off a rock is fun too but you might probably die. However, jumping off a rock into the ocean is fun, not really safe though, but you will probably not die. There are many things that can happen once you land in the ocean with such a force. You might sink to the bottom, or get swallowed by a whale! However, if you do make it, it will be an experience worth narrating. You should however be an excellent swimmer before jumping off a rock into the ocean.

Live like a hobo for a week:

Many people are so concerned about the lives they live, the impressions they make and about pleasing people. Doing something crazy means you don’t really care about what other people think or feel about it.Try putting aside your perfections and live like a hobo for a week. Try moving around, looking for work, probably sleep in your car. Live a different life than the comfortable one you are used to. You might actually have fun along the way and make some new friends.

Zipline through the jungle:

Ziplining is a fun activity, and one definitely worth being in a bucket list. Try something a little crazy though. Ziplining in the jungle is both a crazy and a fun idea. Get your adrenaline rush to double and make it an experience worth commemoration.

Now you have some Crazy Bucket List Ideas. So tied your seat belt strongly and get ready for some craziness and fun.

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