Causes Of Eye Twitching

Eye twitch has different meanings for different people. In some of the societies it is being taken as something which foretells the future i.e. if right eye twitches, something good is on the way and vice versa. It might have been a coincidence sometimes in the past that when eyes flickered some bad or good news had been received by the person. And for that it was assumed that the reason was the twitching of the eyes. The real reason for eye twitching is something different and it has no exact relation with the foretelling of the fortune.

Causes Of Eye Twitching :

The reason for eye twitching may be due to stress, tiredness, allergies, nutritional imbalances, dry eyes, eye strain.

Stress: Due to the physical or mental stress our eye may twitch.

Tiredness: Due to heavy work load, we become tired. Due to the tiredness, it may happen.

Allergies: Due to several allergies of our body, our eyes may twitch.

Nutritional imbalances: If we do not get proper amount of nutrition or if there is lack of nutrition in the food we eat, our eyes may sometimes twitch.

Dry eyes: One of the major causes of eye twitching is the dry eyes. If our eyes suffer from dryness, there is continuous twitching of eyes.

Eye Strain: If we keep on observing things continuously for sometime, it gets strained. Due to continuous straining of eyes, eyes get twitched.

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So, next time when your eyes twitches do not think that some bad or good is going to happen, know that there is some problem in your eyes.

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