Causes Of Cyber Crime

Cyber crime or cyber criminality refers to those illegal activities that are done by use of a computer. We have to know about Causes Of Cyber Crime that we can be aware about it. These are computer-oriented crimes that use a computer network to commit the crime while at the same time targeting another computer. Some of the mostly committed cyber crimes include; identity theft, cyber fraud, hacking, spams, phishing scams and also harassment.

Causes Of Cyber Crime

Causes Of Cyber Crime :

Cyber criminals get money by putting targets on big organizations such as banks, casinos or financial firms where the money flowing in is lump sum. They have great skill in their work. And it is very difficult to catch them. You realize a cyber crime has been committed after you have been hacked and lost a lot of money. Some of the causes of cybercrime include the following.

Easy access to systems:

Cyber crimes have been on the increase because there is no security form that skilled cyber criminals cannot bypass. From retina scans to advanced voice recorders to access codes, they can hack their way through anything. As such, there is no measure safe enough to guarantee your system is secure and unhackable.

Evidence is easy to destroy:

Cyber criminals are very intellectual. This means that they can hack their way into a system, steal the required information and erase any evidence of their involvement easily. To be able to catch a cyber criminal you need to have sufficient evidence against them. This evidence is not easy to find especially if you are dealing with skilled criminals. Cases against cyber crimes do not progress due to this lack of evidence. They know they can easily get away with it and so they do not fear doing it time and again.

Computers have the capacity to store data in a comparative space:

Computers store data in a very small space. Most computers do not have a big RAM and so you have to store data in other different places such as a hard disk. As such, it is easy for such data to get stolen especially if it is backed up in the cloud. Any good hacker can  easily access this data online.

Complexities of computers:

The operating systems through which computers run are programmed. These programming are made of different codes coded by humans. Coding can be very exhausting at times and a programmer might end up making a mistake at any stage of the coding process. It is these loopholes that cyber criminals use to access data from a computer and commit cybercrimes. These loopholes are advantageous and one of the causes of cyber crime.

A modernizing world:

The invention of computers has been both advantageous and disadvantageous. Advanced technology is good but it also means that it can be used for evil. Cyber criminals always find a way to use technology to commit cyber crimes against itself. More sophisticated systems are difficult to hack, but not impossible to.The complex technology being developed everyday increases the possibility of a breach.

Mobile devices:

Quite a number of cyber crimes have been reported as a result of mobile phones. Between the year 2015 and now, the rate of cyber crimes has been on the increase. Companies and organizations have reported breaches that have been enabled by mobile phones of their employees and other staff with the specific security clearances. More than three fifths of IT companies have pointed a finger to mobile phones as being the sole causes and enablers of cyber crimes and breaches in their systems.


Many cyber crimes have been successfully committed as a result of negligence on the part of the specific personnel. People are being ignorant to vulnerabilities in the system and wait till it is too late to have them fixed. Also, the zombie networks that are left with no one to attend to give an easy access to networks.

Systems that are not updated:

Another major causes of cyber crime is outdated systems. Such systems are easy to access and thus can be used by cyber criminals to have their way into computer systems and networks. Outdated systems are easily hacked and are a liability if you are looking to have an unbreachable system.

Weak passwords:

It is very easy for cyber criminals to hack their ways into poorly secured wi-fi spots, to steal passwords and in turn information. Weak passwords mean a quick and tireless access to the system.

No investment needed:

Unlike starting a business, cyber crime does not require a lot of prior planning and investment. You do not need capital to commit a cyber crime, only a computer network. As such, cyber crimes have been on the increase as a result of this factor. Any one can hack a computer as long as they have the skills. We have very young hackers today who have been involved in cyber crimes. It is not a job that has a certain set of qualifications such as age bracket, educational qualifications or even financial stability. Anyone can be a cyber criminal regardless of such factors.

If you want to protect something from being theft or stolen, then first you must have to know the reason and process behind it. Like this the article is all about the Causes Of Cyber Crime. And it will help you to understand that how you can be effected by a Cyber Crime. So beware of it and be save from Cyber Crime.

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