Another Session Of AskSrk On Twitter And Here Are Some Best Reply By Shah Rukh Khan

“Woh sirf star nahi hai, duniya hai meri”, there are many die hard fans who not only follows SRK for his movies or acting, but they think SRK as their ideal, their inspiration and they show him a great respect and love. As we all know that Shah Rukh Khan is really very hard working and he has always a tight schedule of his works. But in spite of various kinds of works, he always give some time for his fans and AskSrk session in twitter is one of his ways to interact with his fans.

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On 4th September, 2018 Shah Rukh Khan hold the session of #AskSrk and below are some of best reply by SRK.

Here are some of SRK’s funny and witty replies.

Here are some of his treasures replies to his fans.

He is such ingenious that handles every question very beautifully and calmly.

And after the end of the #AskSrk session he just posted a sweet picture of him and greeting message for everyone who did not get his reply.

“Dil to har kisi ke paas hota hai, lekin sab dilwale nahi hote”, and Shah Rukh Khan has proved it several times. So who got the reply think himself or herself very lucky and who didn’t, hope for the next time.

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