All You Need To Know About The Special Marriage Act, 1954- India

You might have heard about Special Marriage Act, but do you know exactly for what this Act has been enacted. Here I am going to explain about what this Act actually means.

DATE OF APPROVAL: 9th of October 1954

DATE WHEN IT CAME INTO FORCE: 1st of January 1955

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How Special Marriage Act Came Into Force :

In 1872 Henry Sumner Maine introduced Act III 1872 which would permit inter caste and inter faith marriage. In the final wording, the law stated that the marriage under Act III would get legitimized if both the parties renounced their faith. This brought dissatisfaction among the administration and local government. Hence, it was discarded.

Then came the Special Marriage Act, 1954. The Act provides marriage of Special form for the Indians and those Indians living outside the country.

The Objectives Of Special Marriage Act :

  1. This Act provides divorce.
  2. It provides registration of certain marriages.
  3. It provides special form of marriages.

Desired Age For This Form Of Marriage:

  1. Bride should be 18 years of age or above.
  2. Bridegroom should be 21 years of age or above.

Why Special Marriage Act Differs From Normal Marriage Act:

This Act provides both the parties to retain their own faith even after marriage. Bride can follow their own religion and faith even after marriage.

Prohibits: This Act prohibits polygamy.

Incident Related To Special Marriage Act :

In India, Acts are enacted to safeguard the interest of its citizens. This Act safeguards the interest of faith of both the spouses being tied in the matrimonial relationship.

Recently, a Parsi woman appealed in the Supreme Court because the local authority did not allow her to enter the Tower of Silence to offer the last rite of her parent. They did not allow her to enter and perform the last rite because she married to a Hindu man. This is an example which brings forth the reality of our society. Our society still does not accept inter faith and inter caste marriage. With a narrow view towards this kind of marriage how can we develop our society?

What Can We Do?

If our narrow view will broaden up and we learn to see things in a liberal way, if we learn to love everyone irrespective of caste, creed and faith then we will no longer hear the news of murder, attack and appeal to the courts. The only thing which we all need to learn is: to love everyone, the way we love ourselves.

We have several acts enacted by the parliament for the well being of the citizens but do “We” follow those acts? Let’s think unto it and follow the laws passed by honorable parliament for the welfare of ourselves.

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