Aamir Khan Fell In Love First Time When He Was Just 10 Years Old And He Shares Who The Girl Was

We everyone fall in love with someone in any stage of our life. But the first love of childhood is the best among all. Because its the purest and selfless. Maybe its an infatuation and not love but whatever is it, the feeling is amazing and undefinable. Do you know when Aamir Khan Fell In Love First Time And Who Was The Girl ?

Aamir Khan's First LoveImage source

When we fall in love first time we just feel like Pehla Nasha but do you know who was the Pahela Nasha of Aamir Khan ? On Valentine’s Day Aamir Khan shares one of his secret that he fell in love first time when he was just 10 years of old.

Aamir Khan saw the girl first time in a Tennis coaching center. When he saw the girl first time he was just astonished and felt like Pehla Nasha, like love at first sight. Though he shares that the girl was very beautiful but he does not reveal the name of the girl.

It lasted for one and half year but Aamir Khan could never say to that girl that he feels for her. And after that the girl had gone forever. You can watch the video below where Aamir Khan beautifully describes about his Pahela Nasha.

So now you have known when Aamir Khan fell in love first time and who was the first love and Pahela Nasha of Aamir Khan. Now you tell us in comment section that who was your Pahela Nasha.

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